6 health and fitness apps with over 1 million downloads available on Google Play

Need new content to shake up your exercise or wellness routine? Try these apps with over a million downloads. Reaching your health and fitness goals just got easier with this selection of highly downloaded apps available on Google Play.

(For Apple fans, most apps are also available on iOS.)

1. Google Fit: Activity tracking

With over 100 million downloads, the Google Fit app is a popular way to keep lots of health data in one place. It’s especially easy to start using the app if you already have a Google account, so Gmail users are in luck.

To start, you can set activity goals. These include heart points (for activities that increase your heart rate), as well as the number of steps taken during the day. Google Fit can interface with other activity tracking apps, including Apple Health, Runkeeper, Strava and Headspace, so you’ll get credit for activities recorded elsewhere.

In addition to activities, the app can also help monitor your heart rate, breathing rate, and sleep patterns. In fact, Google Fit has a feature that can help you measure your heart rate using your phone’s camera. Place a finger on the phone’s rear camera and it will take the pulse with your fingertips.

Overall, the Google Fit app is a fantastic way to track lots of health metrics in one place.

To download: Google Fit: activity tracking for iOS | android (Free in-app purchases available)

2. Seven to Seven Minute Workout

Over five million people have downloaded this quick workout app that can fit even the busiest of schedules. To get started, select an animated figure to track, set a goal, and write down the days you want to exercise. The app generates a workout plan, then you’re good to go.

Select your workout on the home screen to begin. The animated figure demonstrates how to perform each exercise, and a voiceover announces the next workout and gives you a quick countdown. It’s a fast program and you’ll be performing a wide variety of movements in seven minutes. Each one only lasts about 30 seconds, so even your least favorite exercises are completed quickly.

You can give your opinion after training so that the program adapts to your level of difficulty. A progress screen keeps track of your completed sets, and you can attempt to continue a set.

The app Library offers a variety of thirty-day challenges focusing on specific areas such as full body, core, cardio, and strength. Additionally, it includes a series of special workouts designed to suit particular situations, such as preparing for a race, exercising in your office, or incorporating a workout when you’re on the go.

You can get a seven-day free trial for the app, and it requires a paid subscription after that.

To download: Seven to seven minute workout for iOS | android (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Medito: Meditation and Sleep

A totally free meditation app, Medito has over a million downloads. Featuring an impressive amount of content, the app is suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators.

The app House The screen features daily meditation, a timer for solo meditation, and a specially designed section to help you sleep better. A series of lessons for beginners introduces you to the app and provides lessons in the basics of sitting meditation and mindfulness.

Then the meditation Packages offer meditations based on a central theme, including common stressors such as low mood, pain management, and even societal crises. Presented with soothing narration, they can help you slow down and relax for a few minutes at a time.

The app also includes a sleep content section that includes soothing music, nature sounds, and meditations designed to help you drift off to sleep. Body scans, mantras, and visualizations are some of the tools these meditations use to help you fall asleep. There’s also a long selection of Sleep Stories, sweet tales designed to help you wind down for the evening.

The app also features a cool graphic design element, with bold and striking illustrations for each meditation.

Ad-free or subscription-free, Medito is a wonderfully designed app filled with guided meditations that can benefit almost anyone.

To download: Medito: Meditation & Sleep for iOS | android (Free)

4. Dumbbell training at home

With five million downloads to its credit, the Dumbbell Workout at Home app is a simple option for anyone looking to train strength.

When you sign up, select a package that suits your level of experience. Before you start, you’ll see how long the workout will take, as well as what you’ve accomplished so far. You can also select the weight of your dumbbells. Press the start button and follow the animated characters for tricep extensions, planks, dumbbell back lunges and similar exercises. Each plan lasts thirty days and there are three levels of difficulty.

There are video ads in the app, which you can remove for a fee.

To download: Training with dumbbells at home for android (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Strava: run, roll, walk

With over fifty million downloads to its credit, the Strava app is one of the most popular training tools. With support for running, hiking, cycling, and many other activities, it’s a robust app with tons of features. You can even use Strava to record your walks.

Along with tracking your own routes for biking and running, the Strava app can also help you discover new places to explore nearby. Compete against other athletes on segments of local routes, some of which receive colorful descriptions (like This Road Needs More Riders or Cottoncreek Hill of Doom!). The social aspect sets this app apart from other similar ones as you are instantly included in the Strava community.

Since the app records key data like pace, distance, and elevation, it’s easy to track your progress over time. You can record and share your activities for free, and a paid subscription offers additional features, including detailed training information, a training diary and training plans.

To download: Strava for iOS | android (Free in-app purchases available)

6. Step Tracker – Pedometer

If you want to take a serious look at your walking habits, the Step Tracker – Pedometer app is a crowd-pleaser with over ten million downloads. There are many great pedometer apps for the iPhone and other smartphones, but many reviewers love this one for its ease of use.

In addition to your daily step count, the app also provides detailed reports on your walking habits with information on your time, distance and number of floors walked.

A training section lets you record directly on the app, and Step Tracker also interfaces with Apple Health to make tracking your steps even easier.

To download: Step Tracker – Pedometer for iOS | android (Free in-app purchases available)

Sometimes following the crowd is the right decision. These popular health and wellness apps with over a million downloads are already fan favorites, and they can potentially help your health and fitness goals too.

Sam D. Gomez