A new era has begun in BELTEK vocational and technical training courses

A new era has begun in BELTEK vocational and technical training courses

The new period of education has started in Vocational and Technical Education Courses (BELTEK), organized in cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Gazi University. Trainees who pass the evaluation exam held at the end of the training provided by Gazi University scholars in 18 branches and 202 different fields receive an internationally valid Certificate of Achievement and Certificate of Participation.

The new period of education has started in Vocational and Technical Education Courses (BELTEK) organized in cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Gazi University.

As Başkent residents of all ages and professions attend the courses taught by Gazi University scholars, the interest in free educations is increasing every year.


At BELTEK, one of the most sustainable social responsibility projects in Turkey and carried out under the coordination of ABB’s Department of Culture and Social Affairs, citizens have the opportunity to practice a profession thanks to the training provided at the academic level.

The trainings provided by the academics of Gazi University in 18 branches and in a total of 202 different fields are carried out both theoretically and practically. Courses in the BELTEK program; It is carried out within the framework of lifelong learning activities of the Faculties of Technology, Education and Health Sciences of Gazi University and OSTİM School of Technical Sciences.

In the BELTEKs; Professional competence and technical equipment of participants of courses taught by KazanBeltek academicians Coordinator Prof. Dr. Musa Atar said:

“BELTEK has the distinction of being a social contribution project that organizes courses in the field of vocational and technical education, which is carried out in cooperation with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Gazi University, and is necessary in this regard. It is given free of charge to all trainees, especially those who have missed the opportunity to practice a profession in our country or who wish to practice a profession later, and who wish to follow this training in a university environment. We would like to thank our metropolitan mayor, the rector and the teachers in particular who have contributed to this issue. We plan our courses around developing technology to meet current needs, and we implement them as soon as possible. »


At the end of the course, evaluation exams are given to trainees and a certificate of achievement is given to those who pass the exam, and a certificate of participation to trainees who meet the attendance requirement.

Emphasizing that the certificates issued at the end of the courses are now valid internationally, Atar said: “We give two types of certificates to trainees. One is a certificate of participation and the other is a certificate of achievement. As the documents were issued in Turkish and English, they are now valid worldwide. Documents with a verification code can now be received via the e-Government gateway. Software work continues for this innovation,” he said.


2 students are currently studying in the courses that fulfill their quota within 400 days of the date of registration and have high interest. New training demands in different branches, in particular IT, electro-electronics, printing, construction, metal and machine technologies, are also assessed.

The trainees, who are trained in modern equipped classrooms and laboratories, said that these courses are offered at high prices in different places and noted that they were interested in this because ABB organizes them for free. BELTEK trainees expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Mehmet Akkaya: “I am a mechanical engineer. I graduated in 2018. My goal in coming to the course is to learn SolidWorks, a computer aided 3D solid modeling and design software. I thought it would make a difference to improve. A very nice project, satisfactorily meets our expectations. Here I understood the problems that I did not understand when I was studying in university. I believe that I will start a good job after get out of here.

Tolga Ozturk: “I am retired and I have been taking lessons for 4-5 years. There are courses that anyone can take from 7 to 70. These courses are very popular because registrations fill up quickly. I realized that there is no age to learn and I took 8-9 classes. I take all the courses that interest me and that I can. Despite my advanced age, I continue this course. I recommend to young people; Even if they are university graduates, they can come here and take a course on a subject that they do not know or on subjects that they know but do not consider appropriate.

Shayma Baghdad: “I graduated from Bilkent University and as a political scientist I am taking a Python course here. I am quite satisfied. Our teacher gives very clear answers to all the questions we ask and I think the program is quite complete. We are only at the beginning, the fact that it is 3 days a week and that the class hours are longer makes it very productive. This is a very good thing, especially since it is free and such an opportunity is offered. When you go elsewhere, we have to take the same courses at high fees. It helps me a lot, especially as a student.

Edanur Regular: “I have already taken these courses, it is very useful. It’s the 4th. We get the documents and we can use them in our CV. It is an important factor in school and professional life. Once the training courses are presented theoretically, they are also presented in practice. Thanks to our teachers with a lot of knowledge and material, we are also trained. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Ahmet Cangul: “I am an electronics teacher in a vocational high school. I have taken different courses several times. This is a great opportunity and a benefit for us. Thanks to the cooperation between our university and our municipality, chargeable training courses in different locations are offered to us free of charge. Our teachers are diligent and competent. Thank you all for their effort.”

Muharrem Gokhan Goner: “I graduated from UA Agricultural Machinery and Technology Engineering. I have already taken many courses. CNC is also widely used in industry. It was very appealing that BELTEKs were both free and accessible. In addition, our teachers are very good and experienced in their fields, and the teaching they provide is of very high quality.

Sam D. Gomez