AlmaLinux 9.0 released as a community, free alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0

AlmaLinux was one of the distros born out of CentOS Linux (non-Stream) at end of life and has already made a name for itself in the industry with companies like AMD supporting it for those looking for a community at no cost. alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Just one week after the release of RHEL 9.0, AlmaLinux 9.0 is officially released today.

It’s great to see that AlmaLinux 9.0 is already moving into general availability following the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 last week. The AlmaLinux 9 beta has been available since April, and they quickly honed things after the upstream debut of RHEL 9.0. If you remember when RHEL 8.0 went GA in May 2019, it wasn’t until September 2019 that CentOS 8.0 was released. Delays of weeks or even months have not been uncommon over the years for these community/free alternatives to RHEL, be it CentOS, old Scientific Linux and others. So seeing AlmaLinux released first with an option based on RHEL 9.0 is pretty exciting.

Over the past year, AlmaLinux has made a name for itself as a free enterprise Linux distribution alternative to CentOS/RHEL.

As with upstream Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, AlmaLinux 9 uses Linux kernel 5.14, GCC 11 as system compiler, Python 3.9 and other versions/package sources identical to RHEL9. RHEL/AlmaLinux 9 also highlights enhancements to the Cockpit web management interface, kernel live patch enhancements, container and cloud integration enhancements, OpenSSL 3, and various other enhancements. security.

AlmaLinux 9.0 is available for x86_64, AArch64, POWER PPC64LE and IBM s390x. Free downloads and more details about AlmaLinux 9.0 via I will soon have new AlmaLinux benchmarks on Phoronix.

Sam D. Gomez