Apache speaks of more than 333 million OpenOffice downloads

While Apache OpenOffice development is rather stagnant, many original OpenOffice.org developers left for LibreOffice a long time ago, and LibreOffice has provided much more modern features and functionality, people still download OpenOffice. This week, the Apache Software Foundation celebrates over 333 million downloads of its open source office suite.

In 2011, the OpenOffice code was donated to the Apache Software Foundation and unfortunately hasn’t really flourished over the past decade. Apache OpenOffice has seen little new feature development and has struggled at times to maintain and keep up with security vulnerabilities etc. But the brand still has a certain presence and users discover it when looking for open source desktop software or free alternatives to the likes. of Microsoft Office.

The Apache Software Foundation announced on Tuesday that there are now more than 333 million downloads of Apache OpenOffice since they took over this open source office suite in 2011. This number also does not take into account downloads of SourceForge and other mirrors, so the actual number is even higher.

Interestingly, the figures they published on the apache.org blog put it at 297 million downloads by Windows users, 31 million downloads by macOS users and only 4.7 million downloads by Linux users… Well, we can assume that Linux users are better educated and head straight for the modern and better maintained LibreOffice.

Sam D. Gomez