Are skills becoming a priority in our education system?

From the childhood of students, parents and teachers should focus on developing their creativity and skills. Skills development should be an integral part of the education system. Education should be provided in such a way that it is not to find a job, but to make them live on their own. For this, they must be exposed to skills development in their area of ​​interest. Students should be exposed to technology on school days.

Dr A Hemalatha, Lady Secretary, Govt Junior Lecturers’ Association, Chittoor District

In changing times, only college degrees have proven useless in securing jobs or livelihoods. Unless young people today have certain skills, it would be difficult for them to find a job. Governments have given a big boost to the skill development programs that students must grab for their betterment. By learning certain skills alongside their degrees, students may be in a better position when they leave campuses.

O Naga Suresh, Jr English Lecturer, Tirupati

The government should initiate technical education and skills development courses from SSC level to improve the skills of students. An internship is also necessary for students studying ITI, Polytechnic, IIIT, B.Tech, Intermediate and Diploma courses to gain practical knowledge. Students who have practical knowledge and skills will get better jobs. Students should take advantage of the facility provided by the AP Skill Development Corporation to improve their skills. It is the responsibility of students to work hard to acquire skills so that they can be job ready.

Nerella Madhava Rao, elderly person, city of Guntur

We must make collective efforts to develop student skills and add practical training to the curriculum. A one-year internship should be made compulsory for all students for skills development and educational institutions should be linked to industries. A detailed study to be done on adding the subject of skill development and practical training in the curriculum which will be very helpful to students. The government should enlist the help of major institutions such as the National Skill Development Corporation and the Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation to provide training and provide skills development to students so that they can also learn technical education while continuing their university studies.

K Sridhar, Training and Placement Officer, Siddhartha Arts and Science College, Vijayawada

In addition to the regular curriculum, students should focus on special skills such as communication skills, life skills, and programming skills to get the best placements. Training in emerging technologies would help students land well-paying jobs. Depending on their background and interests, students should try training in Python, AWS, CCNA, Microchip, and digital marketing as it adds value to their college life. These training courses will yield desirable results to achieve career goals. We suggest that all engineering and vocational students gain hands-on experience in one or two emerging fields for placement in multinational companies. Coding is another emerging field that aspirants can train in as it would also help in finding a job in today’s competitive scenario.

B Prasad, Dean, Training and Internships, Vignan Institute of Information and Technology, Visakhapatnam

Sam D. Gomez