Automatically generate quality SDKs and API documentation in Red Hat OpenShift clusters using APIMatic CodeGen

APIMatic’s CodeGen OpenShift Operator automatically generates idiomatic SDKs and API portals in Red Hat OpenShift clusters, accelerating API integration.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, Nov. 10, 2022 / — APIMatic has achieved Red Hat Openshift Operator Certification for its SDK build platform and is now a Red Hat Certified Technology Partner.

APIMatic offers an API code generation solution that instantly generates SDKs in multiple programming languages, including .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, TypeScript, and Python, using an API specification in almost any format. In addition to SDKs, APIMatic CodeGen also generates a comprehensive API portal, enabling easier API integration and faster developer onboarding.

“APIMatic works with API-centric companies to enable them to create great developer experiences. We are excited to partner with Red Hat to bring our unique code generation tools to OpenShift,” said Adeel Ali, CEO of APIMatic. ‘APIMatic.

As part of the Red Hat ecosystem, OpenShift users can run the APIMatic CodeGen application in their Openshift clusters. Additionally, they can also auto-generate SDKs and API portals consisting of all the elements that provide a great developer experience:

1. API Reference Documentation
2. Idiomatic Linguistic SDKs
3. Dynamic Code Examples
4. Language specific getting started guides
5. Interactive API Playground for Making Live API Calls

Additionally, OpenShift users can fully automate SDK build and documentation integration tasks directly into CI/CD pipelines via Tekton and GitHub Actions. For detailed steps, see How to automate SDK and documentation generation for your REST APIs.

Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification is awarded to Red Hat Partners after validation by Red Hat. Each partner must meet the certification requirements to provide a transparent operator needed for deployment. Therefore, as a partner with OpenShift certification, sign up for a free trial with APIMatic and use CodeGen solution on premises, releasing SDKs and high-quality API portal. For details on APIMatic’s product offering for Red Hat customers, see the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

About APIMatic

APIMatic is a premier SDK developer experience platform for REST APIs. Its mission is to make API consumption as easy and fast as possible while ensuring an immersive API experience for developers. Additionally, it aims to increase developer productivity, reduce API time-to-market, and accelerate developer onboarding through auto-generated SDKs and API portals.

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