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AWS places documentation on GitHub and solicits pull requests

As part of an ongoing effort to open developer guides and other documentation, Amazon Web Services has just released many more repositories on GitHub, inviting community developers to contribute changes, bugfixes, and updates. other improvements.

The cloud giant previously opened the AWS SDK Developer Guides, placing them under the organization’s awsdocs repository.

Today, it added more than 138 new developer and user guides to the source code repository platform, with chief evangelist Jeff Barr calling on developers to get in on the action and help the core team to maintain and improve documentation via forks and pull requests.

“You can fix bugs, improve sample code (or submit new ones), add detail, and rewrite sentences and paragraphs for accuracy or clarity,” Barr said in a post last week. “You can also view the commit history to learn about new feature and service releases and track document enhancements.”

AWS documentation teams will try to respond to pull requests within 48 hours, deciding whether to accept them, reject them, or contact the originator for more information.

“As is the case with most open source projects, a steady stream of targeted, modest-sized pull requests is better than the occasional large pull request with dozens of changes inside,” said Barr.

The “Amazon Web Services – Documentation” organization on GitHub lists 148 repositories, ranging from the AWS CloudFormation User Guide to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams documents. The main languages ​​used are Python, Java, Go and C#. Seven developers are listed in the People section.

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