BitCraft is a community sandbox MMORPG with a fully editable world

San Francisco-based game development studio Clockwork Labs (whose funding was recently backed by Supercell, Firstmute Capital, 1Up Ventures, Supernode, and Skycatcher) yesterday unveiled its debut game called BitCraft, describing it as a bin MMORPG. Community sand that takes place in a single and fully editable game world.

The developers pointed out that this game would allow many different play styles, such as farming, hunting, crafting, city building, and even social strategy. Players can explore the ancient ruins of the world to uncover a mysterious lost technology; they can choose to become a master craftsman renowned throughout the country or to build a small town which can eventually become the immense capital of an empire.

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Tyler Cloutier, Co-Founder of Clockwork Labs, said:

BitCraft is an MMO community sandbox game set in a huge, fully editable, procedurally generated landscape, all hosted in a single unshared world, providing players with an unprecedented level of creativity and depth. It’s a game that emphasizes cooperation rather than combat within our ever-expanding world, a core value of our gaming philosophy at Clockwork Labs.

Alessandro Asoni, co-founder of Clockwork Labs, added:

We’re thrilled that players can now sign up for BitCraft’s pre-alpha. This is a truly ambitious MMO, which focuses on letting players play the way they want, rather than holding hands through the content. You can farm a cozy village, run your own complex farm, or be part of a much larger empire of connected cities. The ownership of what this world becomes is really in the hands of our players.

You can now sign up for BitCraft’s pre-alpha on the official website. Testing will begin this fall, as Clockwork Labs looks to collect early feedback and test basic mechanics. BitCraft is initially targeting a PC launch, although the goal is ultimately to release on other platforms with cross-platform functionality as well.

Sam D. Gomez