Cardano and Solana community loves Bitgert for exponential growth |

by Analytics Insight

March 8, 2022

Bitgert channel is also faster than Solana after hitting 100k TPS

The crypto community has a very positive review of the Bitter project. Since the launch of the project, many developments have attracted crypto investors. One is the disruptive nature of the projects Bitgert is building, some of which have now launched. This is why Bitgert is growing exponentially:

Among the crypto communities that have shown a lot of interest in Bitgert are Cardano and Solana, investors. In fact, many members of these crypto projects have joined Bitgert, including their whales. Here are some other interesting facts about Bitgert and these other cryptocurrencies:


the Bitter has been growing exponentially over the past few weeks. This growth was largely driven by the launch of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. It is the first blockchain without gas fees, so the first blockchain to fully solve the problem of expensive gas fees. The Bitgert channel is also faster than Solana after hitting 100k TPS.

This is why the BRC20 blockchain has been considered the most disruptive blockchain to date. The Bitgert exchange is also complete currently live as a BETA version. For these reasons, more and more investors are buying Bitgert, showing tremendous growth.


After Bitgert, the next project worth considering is centcex. Fast roadmap delivery is one of the reasons why Centcex is becoming more and more popular. Since launching the Centcex in mid-November 2021, it has accomplished so much in delivering the roadmap. Currently, the team is working on products.

Already, the beta version of the Centcex exchange is about to be released. This is how fast the project is developing. The staking schedule also comes in the first trimester, which is a sign of early staking. These are the reasons why Centcex is attracting a lot of attention and investors are quickly buying the token.


the gimbal The community has shown their love for the Bitgert project through the growing number of community members buying the coin. For a very long time, a large number of Cardano investors have joined Bitgert. But the launch of the Brise BRC20 blockchain has seen that number increase.

The number of Cardano whales joining the Bitter project is also increasing. Indeed, Bitgert today proves to be the most attractive blockchain than Cardano. Chain Breeze has the lowest gas cost and is also the fastest chain. This makes it superior even to Cardano.


There is no doubt that Solana is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market. It is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market value. However, the performance of the Solana chain has been a concern, especially the gas royalty and the number of projects. Even on speed, which is Solana’s main selling point, it was surpassed by the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain.

the BRC20 blockchain also offers the lowest gas charges in the industry, cheaper than Solana. That’s why even the Solana whales joined the Bigert piece. There are more community members joining in anticipation of the price spike that will be created by the launch of the Bitgert exchange.

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