Career in Ethical Hacking: Skills Needed, Reach in India and Salary

A responsible profession that helps others to protect their interests and potential data will always be appreciated. One such profession is ethical hacking, which aims to help others use certain hacking methods with good intention.

Today, it is highly necessary to protect valuable data stored in electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, tabs, etc. In this regard, ethical hacking can be a powerful weapon against hackers or cyber attackers.

Building a Career in Ethical Hacking: What You Need to Know

An ethical hacker is someone legitimately involved in protecting critical user information on computer systems.

Here the professional uses some hacking techniques and tools to identify the root cause of the problem. Become a Certified ethical hackeryou have to acquire key skills that help you enter a profession.

The person strengthens system and network security by applying different hacking techniques to locate and fix vulnerabilities. This practice eliminates weaknesses in the system and makes it much stronger.

There is no specific defined way to become an ethical hacker. Companies usually look for this professional based on their requirements and required skills. But the basic requirement is that having a degree in Computer Science, IT, Mathematics, etc. can help kick-start a career in ethical hacking.

Skills Required for Ethical Hacking

Apart from basic education like graduation, there are other qualities expected of an ethical hacking professional. These are strong problem-solving skills, the ability to work under pressure, a learning attitude, basic technical and programming skills like Java, C++, HTML, Python, etc.

  • Soft communication skills with innovative thinking can be an added advantage for a Certified Ethical Hacker
  • He must be good at programming and operating skills, like Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. Understand coding languages, commands, etc. helps identify system problems and coding errors.
  • An ethical hacker must be strong in the areas of networking and cybersecurity, which are considered the most critical skills. Knowledge of firewalls, penetration testing, cryptography, networks like VPN, etc. will help deal with various security threats.

Cyberattacks are quite common today and there could be more in the coming days. Thus, knowledge of certain security techniques and tools can help one thrive in the field of ethical hacking. They should test networks and systems at regular intervals to identify potential threats and fix them.

To acquire all these skills and knowledge at the same time, it is necessary to opt for the training programs CEH, CISCO, CCNA, Certified Security Engineer, Penetration Testing Engineer, etc. The Jetking Institute also offers such courses and trainings for individuals and professionals to improve their skills. in ethical hacking, cybersecurity, etc.

What skills does an individual need to pursue a career in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a profession that requires great attention to upcoming threats from the Internet and other malicious sources.

To become a certified cybersecurity expert, a person must acquire certain skills, including:

1. System administration
2. Networking skills, knowledge of routers, firewalls, etc.
3. Knowledge of different operating systems, such as Windows, Linus, Unix, Mac OS, etc.
4. Skills such as penetration testing, security research, malware research, analysis, etc.
5. Knowledge of network security, coding skills – Java, C++, HTML, JavaScript, etc.
6. Knowledge about cloud security, information security, security audit and other regulations are provided.
7. Should have good problem solving skills as well as good communication and presentation skills.
8. Also, knowledge of hacking tools and techniques will be an added advantage.

These are the main skills required to become a certified cybersecurity expert. Having a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics will be more helpful in learning the above skills easily.

What is the starting salary of an individual who has just started a career in cybersecurity?

A rewarding career is always based on the pay scale offered to an individual who enters a profession. Today, only the salary scale determines the potential of a professional. A certified cybersecurity professional also earns a good salary, but it depends on several factors such as organization, workplace, designation, skills, and experience.

Every young person entering the world of cybersecurity would have many expectations of this profession. Especially on the payment they will get in return.

According to the latest survey by PayScale website, it is observed that the average annual starting salary of cyber security analysts ranges from Rs. 2.8,000,000.

It will go up to Rs 12 lakhs depending on the experience of the candidate. The average annual salary of a cybersecurity professional ranges up to Rs 5 lakhs per year.

Written by Harsh Bharwani, CEO and Managing Director of Jetking Infotrain.

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