Chrome 86 on Android lets you defer downloads until Wi-Fi is available

Google is working on a new feature for Chrome on Android that will help people avoid downloading files when it’s not convenient for them, like a mobile network with data restrictions or high fees.

Reddit users have discovered the new feature in the Canary version of Chrome version 86, which is scheduled for stable release in early October.

The later download feature allows Android users to choose whether they want to download a file now, when the device is on a Wi-Fi network, or on a date and time of their choice.

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According to Tech Dows, Google has only started work on the later download feature for Android in the last few weeks, and the post has only managed to get the feature to work once.

The later download feature isn’t a major development, but it could still be useful for people who see a file they want to download but are reluctant to do so on their current network.

There is also a “Do not show again” checkbox for users who want to configure the device to download files only when it is on a Wi-Fi network or configure the device to download. files regardless of the network on which they are located.

The new feature builds on Google’s other data-saving features for Chrome on Android, such as last year’s Lite Pages which aimed to reduce the load time of HTTPS pages.

This feature was part of Chrome’s “Data Saver” feature, which until then only supported accelerated HTTP page loads. The feature targeted users on 2G type networks.

Sam D. Gomez