Coding Ninjas Announces India’s Largest Coding Contest – CodeKaze

New Delhi, February 25, 2022: Coding Ninjas, India’s leading platform for learning coding and getting job placement assistance, is delighted to announce the start of CodeKaze, India’s largest coding competition. Team Coding Ninjas is poised to receive over 200,000 registrations from across the country and has partnered with CoinDCX, Tokopedia, and over 100 tech industry heavyweights to connect participants to their dream job. Managing this in partnership with Nasscom-Futureskills, Coding Ninjas is fully armed with placement partners to go above and beyond to promote the culture of coding with the real-time impact of well-paying internships and job opportunities. Being one of the coding contest of its kind, the aim is to provide a platform for the best coders in the country to compete against each other and win up to Rs. 30 lakh as reward money. To encourage the community of aspiring coders, a special earning package and career opportunities have been rolled out under the vertical Divas. With over 100 hiring partners like DailyHunt, CoinDCX, and MediBuddy; Coding Ninjas offers over 500 internships and full-time job opportunities as software developers. These exclusive job offers come with an average package of Rs 8 LPA. Ankush Singla, the Stanford prodigy who is also a mentor and co-founder of Coding Ninjas, believes that “coding is life changing. It’s so simple. But we want college kids and working professionals to realize it in real time with money and investment opportunities. It no longer becomes real with the pan-Indian panorama of coding talent. I would recommend all budding coders to join CodeKaze and take a leap in their coding career. The first round of CodeKaze will take place on March 06, 2022 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. IST. Entrants will be able to log in anytime between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. but will be able to compete for a maximum of 3 hours, with the test ending at 11:00 p.m. IST. The contest is equipped to support the 3 most popular programming languages ​​C++, Java and Python. Registrations are already online, via the official website, at no cost. For more details, visit CodeKaze page – About Coding Ninjas: Coding Ninjas is India’s leading platform for learning coding and getting help with job placement. It was born with the central idea of ​​promoting coding as a culture and filling the talent gaps in the Indian IT industry. Founded in 2016 by Ankush Singla, Kannu Mittal and Dhawal Parate, it aims to provide talented developers for an ever growing requirement in the IT industry. learning platform for teaching coding with former professors from IIT, Stanford and IIIT. The platform teaches over 17 courses on fundamental and advanced level programming languages, such as data structure and algorithm, machine learning, data science, web development, and Android development. More than 50,000 students and working professionals trust Coding Ninjas to improve their skills. To date, 80% of Indian unicorn companies have hired their alumni for key roles in technology and product development. REP REP

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Sam D. Gomez