Discord Edge and built-in community site more than double users

BORDEAUX, France–()–Luos, a maker of open-source software for distributed edge and embedded systems, today announced its Community Discord has nearly tripled the number of attendees to more than 6,000 since it was announced in July.

Developers from around the world from companies such as Bosch, Dyson and Siemens joined to exchange projects, problems and ideas – sharing their knowledge and skills.

To promote the free and open site for edge and embedded developers and open up the community for more collaboration, Luos announced a referral contest to invite friends and colleagues to join. The contest runs until November 24 and winners are announced weekly, then the overall winners with the most referrals are announced at the end of the contest. Go here for more details.

“The Discord community has grown rapidly since it was announced several months ago,” said Nicolas Rabault, co-founder and CEO of Luos. “Discussions covered a project monitoring Covid patients at home using facial recognition technology, using Python in two scripts for a project (like JavaScript), configuring an STM32 blue pill with a USB card using CubeMX to set packet lifetime (Lifetime). Members have helped others debug and resolve configuration issues, provided advice on the best hardware for a particular project, and posted links to share resources and information. It’s very exciting for all of us to see such a great collaboration.

The Luos team is developing an open source solution using microservices concepts for embedded and edge systems. This makes it easy to share and reuse functionality in project implementations that include Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded applications.

The Luos microservices architecture provides flexibility for unlimited project possibilities – running as a single service on a single node (physical “hardware” component running Luos) or multiple services on multiple nodes. For example, a smart farming system that can automatically irrigate a plot of land; a facial recognition robot capable of identifying the emotions of a face; or a smart parking system that can identify and monitor available spaces.

About Luos

Founded in 2018 in Bordeaux, France, Luos provides a simple and lightweight containerization platform that enables microservices architecture for embedded and edge systems. Its powerful modular design can be used to simplify and tie any hardware component and application code into a single system image, making it easier to manage and upgrade. To learn more about Luos, visit luos.io.

Sam D. Gomez