Education Department blunders, promotes deceased teacher to principal!

Puthoor (Kollam): In a blunder, the Department of Education issued a promotion and transfer order for a teacher who died a few years ago. As a result, the wait of teachers and students at Karikkal Lower Government Primary School for a new headmistress continues even after a year and a half.

Finally, a month ago, the decree appointing the director was published. As the staff prepared to welcome the new director, they learned that the person transferred and promoted to the position had died two years ago!

The Co-Director of Education had issued the order to transfer and promote JL Vrinda, who died while serving at Anjalumoodu Public School as the new Principal of Karikkal School.

The order was issued Oct. 27 as part of the promotion of teachers to vacant principal positions in public schools in the district.

When the new headmistress did not take office more than a month after the appointment order was issued, staff at Karikkal school inquired and learned that Vrinda had died two years ago. year.

The authorities have indicated that a new list will be published soon and that a new headmistress will be assigned to the Karikkal school at the earliest.

The village of Karikkal is near the town of Puthoor in the Kollam district.

Sam D. Gomez