Endeavor OS ISO updated with better Btrfs support, Pacman parallel downloads


For those looking for an easy-to-use desktop distro built from Arch Linux, Endeavor OS continues to fill the void left by the old Antergos project. Endeavor OS closes August by releasing new ISOs that include a number of updates to its installer.

Endeavor OS is one of several Linux distributions that use the common Calamares installation framework. One of the main goals of this release was the Endeavor Calamares installer. When using installer auto partitioning, it now allows selecting the Btrfs file system with the ability to create a file system with a subvolume scheme. EXT4 continues to be supported for automatic partitioning, but support for Btrfs is increasing, just as we’ve seen in the distribution landscape.

The installer will also remember your WiFi settings from the live environment and pass them to the installed environment, the boot process for the initial boot aims to be more “fault-proof”, the kernel Linux LTS can now be selected as an option from the installer, parallel downloads and various other enhancements. Parallel downloads are a feature of Pacman 6 and allow much faster installation of packages and much faster installation times.

The new version of Endeavor OS also includes new wallpapers, a new helper app eos-apps-info and other updates from this Arch Linux based distribution.

Downloads and more details on the new ISO version of Endeavor OS via EndeavorOS.com.


Sam D. Gomez