Escaped Python puts the community on edge

HOUSTON (KHOU) — A Nextdoor post in Texas got a townhouse community talking.

Community member Clayton Lee said council members alerted Houston homeowners to a nearly 12-foot-long python sighting last week.

“I was told they went out, looked for the snake, couldn’t find the snake, then put snake repellent on the 15 units closest to the where he was spotted a few nights,” Lee said.

He said unsuccessful efforts to catch the animal had angered some neighbors.

“A lot of people are a little upset about what’s possible here,” Lee said. “I was scared for my 19 and a half year old kitty, Dillon.”

Nic Louie is the owner of Houston Underground Animals. He said the snake seen in the photos is a carpet python.

“It’s definitely a pet snake that someone lost or released,” he said.

Louie said the non-venomous snake was not aggressive in nature.

Still, he suggests anyone who spots the snake contact a professional.

“It’s been free, it’s been out of the cage. If you’re just a regular person, I wouldn’t suggest going and grabbing it,” Louie said.

He also said to be careful with small pets.

“You have to realize he’s a pet, so he’s used to people just putting food in front of him,” Louie said. “So if he’s sitting there and someone’s pet is running in front of him, he’s going to think it’s food. But that’s not mean, he’s just going to get hungry and think someone feeds him.

People in the community are hoping that the scaly, slippery, unwanted new neighbor will show up soon.

“I just hope everyone’s pets are safe,” Lee said.

Sam D. Gomez