Former West Virginia special education teacher gets 10 years in abuse case

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A former West Virginia special education teacher was sentenced Tuesday to a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for abusing multiple students.

Nancy Boggs was sentenced in Kanawha County Circuit Court following incidents last September at Holz Elementary School in Charleston, media reported.

“You have turned your classroom into a place of what can only be described as torture,” Judge Maryclaire Akers told Boggs.

Boggs, 67, pleaded guilty in May to 10 counts of assault and battery. Akers ordered that the one-year terms for each count be served consecutively.

Boggs admitted to hitting a female student with a closet door, pulling her hair and pulling a chair from under her. Boggs also admitted to banging another child’s head against a desk and slapping a third child. Surveillance cameras filmed the incidents in the classroom.

In March, Governor Jim Justice signed a bill to protect students by requiring public school administrators to periodically review video of every class with special needs and eliminated the requirement to delete video footage after a certain period of time. The parents of one of the students in Boggs’ case worked with lawmakers to strengthen an existing law.

Sam D. Gomez