Galaxy S21 series will ship without an AC adapter, according to new documentation package

It’s only been a few months since Apple stopped bundling an AC adapter with the iPhone 12 series, with the exception of those handsets sold in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Samsung seems to be following the same pattern. According to a new documentation file, the Korean giant will not bundle the charging accessory with the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus or Galaxy S21 Ultra.

ANATEL from Brazil confirms in new documentation that no charger is included with Galaxy S21 family

For those who don’t know, ANATEL is a telecommunications agency in Brazil. Although there is little to no information regarding the specifications or features of the Galaxy S21, Tecnoblog stumbled upon something remarkable. According to the documents, no Galaxy S21 model arriving in 2021 will ship with a charger. This means that customers will have to purchase one separately from Samsung or acquire one from a third-party manufacturer.

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Rumor has it that Samsung has already removed the charger from its next flagship series, and in return the company plans to give more to its loyal customer base. Instead of giving consumers a charger, Samsung is apparently providing a set of high-end wireless headphones. These were originally known as the Galaxy Buds Beyond, but it looks like Samsung will call them the Galaxy Buds Pro. It is not confirmed if these freebies will only be provided to customers who pre-order a Galaxy S21 model, so we’ll keep you posted on that.

However, a place where Samsung might be forced to supply a charger with the Galaxy S21 series in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since Procon-SP, the Sau Paulo consumer protection agency has required Apple to sell a charger with all iPhone 12 models; it could force Samsung to do the same. Then again, our take on the matter is that it’s okay to see the charger removed from the smartphone packaging, as you’ll likely end up using the one you have.

Are you disappointed that Samsung does not provide a power supply with its Galaxy S21? It might not be a snap for many, but let us know in the comments what you think.

News Source: Tecnoblog

Sam D. Gomez