Hamilton Community Newsletter: Clear Vote Against Expanding Urban Boundaries


A 90 percent vote is a clear message not to build on farmland and our politicians should take heed.

Brad Clark proposed a municipal poll, but then said he might not vote to represent the wishes of people who vote for him. Is this a Monty Python sketch?

Michael Collins-Williams, CEO of the West End Home Builders’ Association, wants to push the boundaries, but his position is to represent the association. Building fields of houses does not make housing more affordable, it puts money in the hands of land speculators and builders.

Brenda Johnson offers denser and taller housing. Does it also have answers to increased demands for services, hospitals, schools, traffic pollution, etc. ?

“Affordable” housing is an oxymoron in the GTA and will remain so unless the federal government prevents foreign investors from buying Canadian properties and leaving homes empty. It also needs to update immigration policies so that new immigrants are distributed across Canada, not primarily in the Greater Toronto Area and Vancouver.

The 30-year growth projections are based on questionable government planning.

Building on farmland makes us dependent on imported food, makes no difference to housing affordability, and causes traffic congestion and urban sprawl.

Helen Rose,

Stoney Creek

Sam D. Gomez