How to use the new downloads from Netflix for you

Once you enable the Downloads feature for you, Netflix will automatically download the movies and shows you enjoy.

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Confused about what to look out for on your next road trip? Let Netflix decide with its Downloads feature for you.

Downloads For You automatically downloads TV shows and movies you may like, based on your Netflix viewing habits. Here’s how to use it …

What downloads for you on Netflix?

As we reported earlier, Downloads For You is a Netflix feature that automatically downloads content to your mobile. It chooses what to download based on what you would like to watch and works with anything you download manually.

Downloading to Netflix is ​​a great feature because it means you can still watch things when you are without an internet connection, such as when traveling or in an area with spotty internet reception.

At the time of writing, Downloads For You is only available on Android. However, Netflix aims to make it available for iOS in early 2021.

How to enable downloads for you on Netflix

Follow these instructions to enable downloads for you, but only after making sure your Netflix app is up to date. You may need to force close and open to activate the update.

  1. Open the Netflix app.
  2. Go to Downloads tongue.
  3. Under Introducing downloads for you, faucet To install.
  4. Use the less and more to adjust the number of GB you want to allocate. You can select from 0.5 to 9.5, in half increments.
  5. Faucet Light up.

If you want to disable downloads for you later or change the storage capacity allocation, return to the Downloads tab and, next to Smart downloads, press the tooth. This will bring you to the corresponding settings screen.


Disabling the feature will not erase your downloads. To do this, return to Downloads tab, press the pencil, select what you want to delete, then tap the garbage can.

Download Netflix shows to all your devices

Downloads for you might be a mobile-only feature, but you can also download your favorite Netflix shows to many devices, including Windows 10 tablets and Amazon Fire.


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