Indie game Attack On Titan has over 10 million downloads

The attack of the Titans games are not that rare, but they never quite captured exactly what the fans wanted. Of course, the anime giant on the anime giant spilled over into the game as it appeared in Call of Duty Vanguard and Dead in broad daylight in the form of new cosmetics.

All fans really wanted was a game that could nail its swing mechanics and make them feel like they really had a chance against the fearsome Titans. The official offers for The attack of the Titans video games haven’t been able to pin down what gamers are looking for. An indie developer took matters into their own hands, and it definitely paid off

What is Attack On Titan indie game?

Swammy is the indie developer who impressed The attack of the Titans fans – make a better anime-based game than any officially licensed game that came before it. The game has amassed over 10 million downloads since its launch, and now it’s about to get an even bigger boost. It was revealed that free The attack of the Titans the game will be ported to Unreal Engine 5.

The developer tweeted out a short gameplay video that got a lot of attention, sharing a preview of the UE5 version of the game – and it looks seriously stunning. The game’s open sandbox mechanics, graphics, and gameplay come together to make this indie title the The attack of the Titans game that fans have been waiting for years.

According Kotaku, the title exploded in 2021 when Swammy’s girlfriend persuaded him to post a short gameplay video on TikTok. When Swammy was spurred on by fan reaction, they continued working on the demo adding real Titans and then a co-op multiplayer mode. Give us serious Marvel’s Spiderman vibrations, you can swing in first or third person.

How can I download Attack On Titan fan game?

If you want to try the game yourself, you can find a download for PC and Android at Swammy’s Linktree Page. The game is free to download, but give them a Follow on Twitter at least, huh? If you like the Android version, know that it is in its “final version”, Swammy having no reason to keep working on it, for my own sanity.”

At least there’s more to come for the PC version, and with Unreal Engine 5 sure to give it a boost, those with the actual rights to the IP should take note. Swammy’s free The attack of the Titans the game looks immensely impressive, and there’s no doubt that it’s up there with the best AOT gaming experiences in the market right now. Sorry, Avant-gardeyou have been knocked down by a developer.

Sam D. Gomez