IT developers organize the 1st ‘Python’ community

A GROUP of young computer scientists organized the very first community of programmers in Davao City nicknamed “Durianpy” with the aim of strengthening the talent pool in Python programming.

When he first met at Ingenuity headquarters along Quirino Avenue on Saturday, Earvin Gemenez, one of the main organizers, said the community intends to unite programmers, whether they are beginners or professionals, who use the computer programming language called “Python” in the city.

The exponential growth in demand for expert programmers, especially on Python, calls for more skilled talent who have the skills necessary for online job opportunities.

“Python (the programmers) is very active, but mostly freelancers. There are a lot of start-ups using Python in the city, but we are not united,” he said.

Forming a community, Gemenez added, allows for easy collaboration of ideas and new projects among other programmers.

“Through this, we can find more experienced developers who are willing to volunteer to speak up and get involved to help others,” he said.

The group got the idea to hatch the city’s own community after attending one of the events for Python programmers in Manila called PyCon Philippines 2014, a conference organized by volunteers and non-profit.

“The main objective of this conference is to provide a place where the Python programming language and surrounding technologies can be explored, discussed and practiced,” said the Pycon PH website.

The community based in Cebu, meanwhile, is called Pizzapy.

Once active, this will encourage international start-ups to set up their headquarters in the city, even if their operations are abroad.

“There are a lot of international startups but their headquarters are in Cebu and Manila,” he said, adding that this is exactly what they intend to do for Davao – be present on the menu.

He said investors won’t come unless they learn how active the community is.

Ingenuity, a local IT company, headed by John Naranjo, is said to be a strong supporter of Python programmers, as its own group of developers use the computer language as well.

Ralph Leyga, a freelance writer and ograniser for Durianpy, said he started programming in 2009 and was later introduced to the computer language Python.

“I just read the documentation, since then I started learning Python,” he said.

Along with Gemenez and Leyga, Ed Patrick Tan and Nathaniel Varona were also among the organizers of the first Durianpy meet-up.

The group plans to hold a monthly meeting where senior developers are invited to speak in front of technical and non-technical community members.
Thanks to monthly meetings, talents can improve their skills, and thus increase their employability with foreign employers.

“Let’s say you can learn Python in a week but you can never master it,” Gemenez said.

Huge opportunities await online home-based job seekers if they learn Python.

“For online jobs, and for Python developers. Pero gamay lang pud ang naga-Python (For online jobs, Python developers are paid higher rates, but only a few are in Python,” said he added.

Gemenez added that one of the things they want to tackle is giving young people another way to spend their extra time, instead of finding themselves tied to online gaming.

Python, as a computer programming language, is used to develop websites, computer and mobile applications, and animation.
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Sam D. Gomez