KLM launches COVID-19 check | Upload @ Home to validate health documentation in advance

KLM customers traveling to Amsterdam, and from or via Amsterdam to Spain, Germany, Dubai, Istanbul, Lima and Saint-Martin can now have the COVID-19 documents required for their trip validated in advance.

Prior validation of the documents required by the destination by COVID-19 check | Upload @ Home allows customers to check in advance that their documentation is correct. Additionally, pre-checking COVID-19 documents can streamline the airport check-in process.

Using the COVID-19 Check Service | Upload @ Home is free and voluntary. With this innovative digital self-service, KLM wishes to help its customers to better prepare their trips, by simplifying the validation of travel documents linked to COVID-19.

How the KLM COVID-19 Service Checks | 19 Download @ Work from home?

The KLM COVID-19 check service | 19 Upload @ Home is now available for all KLM flights to Amsterdam and for KLM flights from or via Amsterdam to Spain, Germany, Dubai, Istanbul, Lima and Saint Martin. The number of destinations for which Upload @ Home is available is expected to increase gradually.

Customers who have booked a flight to one of these destinations and are eligible for this service will receive an invitation to participate. Customers who wish to do so can send the required documents up to five hours before their flight departs and will receive the validation result by email within one hour of dispatch.

Sam D. Gomez