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New Delhi: Known for its vibrant campus life, Marwadi University recently concluded the 2022 edition of its annual student extravaganza, MU Fest 2022, for the first time after the pandemic. The two-day festival provided an opportunity for students to showcase the technical and soft skills of over 4,000 students in 43 student-centric competitions including RoboComp, GoDrone, Tech or Computer Quiz, Streaking, Incredible Explorers and Tech Jumanji and Banging Beats. , Singing, Agar Art, Mono Act, Squid Games, LAN Gaming and IPL Auction.

The farewell ceremony saw the presence of Chief Guest Arun Mahesh Babu, MS, IAS, District Collector, Rajkot; and guest of honor Vikrambhai Sangani, Co-CEO/Founder, Ace Software Exports Ltd.

MU Fest was organized under the leadership of Dr. R. Sridaran, Dean of Computer Applications Faculty and his team, with the support of over 500 student volunteers. Nearly 400 winners across all categories received trophies, certificates and cash prizes totaling Rs 3,00,000. Provost, Marwadi University, Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Sancheti added, “I appreciate the efforts made by the Faculty of Computer Applications for MU Fest 2022 and to boost student morale.

One of the notable competitions included, Godrone 2022 in which, a drone racing challenge was designed in order to compete in an obstacle course. A Dji Tell drone was pre-programmed in python and piloted using a smartphone. The festival comes at a time when jobs related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are steadily increasing in the country. According to a job site, STEM jobs grew by 44% between November 2016 and November 2019, and festivals like MU’s are key to boosting student learning through healthy competition.

The festival ended with MU’s international students beautifully singing the words of Vande Mataram and Hon’ble District Collector: “India currently has a very good startup ecosystem. I urge all young people to be part of the young start-up ecosystem. We are all looking forward to the arrival of young ideas, young minds in the country because you are the ones who are going to create the future of this country.

Sam D. Gomez