Meeting the progressive academic needs of students with a futuristic education

Graceland University: Meeting the Progressive Academic Needs of Students with a Futuristic Education

by Analytics Insight

February 21, 2022

Graceland was founded as a nonsectarian college in 1895 in Lamoni, Iowa, by the sponsoring church, the Fellowship of Christ (then the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). For more than 125 years, Graceland has been committed to creating communities of learning where students develop their potential for meaningful and productive lives. This mission has led the university to offer more than 30 undergraduate degrees and several graduate degrees on two campuses (Lamoni, Iowa and Independence, Missouri) and online. Graceland views itself as a liberal arts institution that prides itself on creating strong leaders and graduates who want to help change the world for the better.

Since its inception, Graceland University has been growing students into people who will change the world by providing them with the best possible experience and education. But the university believes that providing a strong liberal arts learning environment – ​​at its main residential campus in Lamoni, on its independent campus and through its online programs, the university is only one piece of the puzzle. Another feather added to the cap is its incredible faculty, which cares about the success of its students. The fun activities on the University campus that create lifelong friendships and the powerful sense of belonging and belonging are what every student at Graceland cultivates every day.

Improved curriculum to help learners enter the digital world

Graceland offers more than 30 undergraduate majors and minors as well as several graduate degrees and a seminary. As a liberal arts institution, its curriculum aims to equip students with real-world, practical skills to help them navigate an increasingly complex world. Their critical thinking and communication skills are especially significant as they work to solve future problems, which have not even been imagined yet. Graceland continues to adapt to the digital world and recently launched a fully online Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics.

A Data Science Leader as Director

Dr. Jeffrey Draves is the Director of Data Science and Analytics at Graceland and also a Professor of Chemistry. He oversees both the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in data science. His journey into data science began with an interest in molecular modeling, which evolved into machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in chemistry. He has also developed an interest in the educational aspects and applications of data science and analytics in the industry.

Combining core values ​​and the liberal arts for the betterment of the world

Graceland has over 125 years of experience and its core values ​​of learning, integrity and community have guided the institution. The university believes in the ongoing process of the open and free pursuit of truth. According to the university, the development of the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual dimensions of all people is necessary to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. He appreciates and welcomes diversity, believes in the inherent value of all people expressed through relationships based on unconditional love and acceptance. These core values ​​combined with its unique liberal arts approach give Graceland students a great advantage that paves the way for peace and harmony by making the world a better place to live, study and prosper.

Provide a practical and ethical perspective to data science

At Graceland, the emphasis is on hands-on, hands-on training in data science. At the undergraduate level, students are exposed to modern analytical techniques, machine learning methods, and artificial intelligence methods, which are applied to real-world datasets. At the graduate level, students hone their skills with these methods and study some cutting-edge developments that are applied to real-time, customer-focused projects. At the undergraduate and graduate level, students learn the ethical practice of data science and analytics. At Graceland, imparting education is not the only management motto, but rather teaching the concepts with the right amount of ethical detail and practical implementation is what learning looks like. Students graduating from Graceland University develop not only into professional leaders, but also into great parents, citizens, and overall, great human beings.

Preparing graduates to thrive in the digital economy

The data science program offered by the university aims to prepare graduates to thrive in the digital economy. Data science skills will be essential for almost every career in the coming decades. The program currently has students from 6 different countries.

The outlook for data science education is also exploding in the United States. The problems inherent in medicine, the environment, global relations and a host of other fields require knowledge beyond what is currently available and education in data science will lead to this knowledge.

An overview of achievements

Graceland was listed in the 2012-2022 issue of Princeton Review’s “Best Midwest Colleges”, Military-Friendly 2017-2022, and is also listed in #1 Best Online RN-BSN Program in Missouri for its performance and exceptional service.

Consider expanding student enrollment across demographic boundaries

As a small, private, rural university in the Midwest, demographics have been adverse, but its admissions team has pushed against the grain, and Graceland’s undergraduate enrollment has grown over the past two years. Graceland University aims to become a recognized educational leader, inspiring and empowering people for transformational service and leadership.

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