Miami for Everyone spotlights technology and community

The event brought together more than 120 community members to learn about technology and innovation and 41 hackers to participate in the inaugural hackathon

By Krysten Brenlla

As Miami continues to grow as a tech ecosystem for locals and guests alike, so does inclusivity and education – or at least that’s what we strive for.

Dubbed “the tech event for everyone”, Miami for alllaunched by City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s Venture Miami team, was the premier three-day event for Miamians, tech newbies and masters alike, to come together and learn while working to create solutions around the local challenges that Miami faces daily.

“During Miami Tech Month, we received a lot of feedback from the community wanting to feel more connected to the #MiamiTech movement, so we hosted a series of town hall town hall conversations to explore how Venture Miami could help,” said Erick Gavin, Executive Director of Venture Miami and organizer of Miami for Everyone. “The community needed an inclusive event where all Miamians would feel welcome to attend – so we created Miami for everyone.”

The conference, held at Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus, attracted 120 Miami technology and innovation enthusiasts who were ready to learn through workshops that covered valuable technology and innovation topics, including: how to create a technical resume, led by a Miami-based startup startup; how to use bitcoin for creatives and small businesses, led by BitMiami; NFT Licensing Advice, led by Jessica Neer McDonald of Neer McD PLLC; understand web3, led by Megan Fitzpatrick of Web3 Equity; the implementation of a crypto wallet and a digital identity, driven by unstoppable domains; leveraging your online presence to transition to technology, led by Carla Durandisse; mastering the “growth” mindset, driven by Haitians in Tech; and how to break into the tech/SaaS sales space, led by Javier Ramirez, founder of Cuota.

A workshop during Miami for all

And, it wouldn’t be a tech conference without an impressive Hackathon lineup with a grand prize of $10,000 – 41 hackers submitted 17 total projects to improve challenges Miamians face, such as finding and securing new jobs; fill unused office space for coworking spaces; learning code – and much more.

The Hackathon team at work during Miami for Everyone.


1st Location: Hive 305

Members of the team: Muntaser Syed, Fernando Narbona, Howard Gil (photo at top of post)

What it is: The Hive 305 is a website and online tool that allows users to find the jobs, events or technical workshops they are looking for using specific and personalized tags on their profile/account pages. Take inspiration from our own Refresh Miami website and Chaina web3 community that sends SMS to members about upcoming events, The Hive 305 makes it easy for the community to stay up to date with happenings at Miami Tech. “Users can set their interests and receive an SMS whenever events, jobs, news or resources relevant to their interests are added, such as a real-time newsletter that you have curated for you -even,” said Howard Gil, software engineer and freelancer. “Our goal was to drive community engagement – ​​with the explosion of Miami Tech, we sought to connect everyone, the tech-savvy and industry veterans, with things they are passionate about. would actually engage.”

The way it works: Content is user-submitted or aggregated from websites such as Eventbrite, Endeavor Miami, Meetup, and Refresh Miami. To receive updates on new events or jobs of interest to the user via The Hive 305, users can simply subscribe to individual tags that interest them to receive SMS or email notifications for new posts in real time. Users can further refine their interests by grouping tags, which will notify users of content that satisfies both tags, making it easier to find what they are looking for.

The team, split into two frontend/middleware engineers and one backend engineer, used MongoDB, GCP, Python, AWS, Vercel, Next.js, React, and Chakra to create the data structures, and the APIs for the jobs/ events and news events/submissions and notifications. The app was then coded in Visual Studio Code and managed in Github.

Why is this important: “It’s very hard to find something that works for everyone, but curated websites like Refresh Miamiand now, The Hive 305helps you get closer to the content you want to see instead of searching for it yourself,” said The Hive 305s frontend engineer and Fernando Narbona, from Miami, software engineer and frontend manager at American Express. “For example, if you’re a job seeker looking for a new job, there’s so much content to sort through that you could get lost. Our goal was to simplify the process, in this example for job seekers and recruiters, by improving the search for candidates and jobs through personalized tags.

For locals and tech enthusiasts like Fernando and his team, an app like The Hive 305 presents the community with more events, workshops and programs tailored to what each specific user is looking for. It’s a chance to meet new people and share their experiences and love for technology together.

2n/a Location: Flexo Office

Members of the team: Kay Anar, Maria Lobanova, Richard Grundy, Jenny Schorsch

What it is: FlexoOffice is an online marketplace that connects empty office space with current workers or students looking for a comfortable place to spend their working days. By booking online, students and job seekers can reserve available desks or empty desks, especially at Miami tech companies, to complete their work, network, and attend company events and workshops. . Employers can then monetize empty or unused space while sourcing local talent – ​​it’s a win-win situation.

The way it works: The website, built with Node.js and React frontend, includes a membership validation utility allowing companies to securely authenticate visitors and manage their on-site access zones. Businesses can simply post their unused offices or empty office spaces to the FlexoOffice interface, and with a single click, FlexoOffice members book the space and head to their new office for the day.

3rd Location: Join Tech

Members of the team: Gonzalo Casas de las Penas, Miguel de Leon, Giovani Labrador, Dominic Martinez

What it is: JoinTech is an online tool that allows users to find jobs, learn new skills and get PAID with MiamiCoin – already interested?

Using the JoinTech online interface, learners can find new jobs and projects posted by local businesses by choosing a specific path that interests them, such as web development, app development, artificial intelligence or blockchain. Mentors in these specific areas are then matched with the student/learner, and both are paid with MiamiCoin.

The way it works:

Using Javascript, CSS, HTML, React, Near fungible tokens, and Python, the user can upload their resume to JoinTech, which will then extract specific skills from their resume to match the user with job descriptions and projects aggregated from websites such as In effect. The user finds projects and jobs that interest them, and then they are matched with mentors in that space who are paid with MiamiCoin and other non-fungible tokens in the NEAR cryptocurrency wallet.

“Miami for Everyone was organized by the community for the community, so it was important for us to keep it accessible to everyone,” said Kelly Montoya, Venture Miami’s senior advisor for strategic engagement and co-organizer of Miami for Everyone. “We plan to continue this series and adapt the content of each event to meet the needs of our Miami communities.”

Venture Miami Team: Left to right: Kevin Ruiz, Senior Advisor, Business Development and Recruitment, Venture Miami; Nicola Demko, Business Development and Recruitment Advisor, Venture Miami; Erick Gavin, Executive Director, Venture Miami; Kelly Montoya, Senior Advisor for Strategic Engagement, Venture Miami; and Sa’Vanna Dre’ Smith, Senior Communications and Marketing Specialist, Venture Miami.
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