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Microsoft releases new documentation for Blazor, ASP.NET Core

Microsoft has released new documentation for its .NET 6 web development component, ASP.NET Core, including the dreaded Blazor framework.

The company detailed new documentation and updated documentation added in October.

Blazor, which allows C # to be used primarily in browser-based web projects, instead of relying so much on JavaScript. This is a WebAssembly-based client-side component (WASM) – where C # code is compiled for use in the browser – and a server-side component, equivalent to a full-stack web development framework that is also under development. pointed at other targets.

Blazor WebAssembly
[Click on image for larger view.] Blazor WebAssembly (source: Microsoft).

A new document discusses the layout of the WASM deployment in an article titled “Deployment layout for ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly apps. “This technical article discusses environments that prevent customers from downloading and running DLLs, which are necessary for Blazor WebAssembly to function. A subset of these environments allows the extension of DLL files to be changed to bypass the restrictions. security, which is thwarted by some security products which can scan the content of files crossing the network and block or quarantine DLL files. The article “describes an approach to enable Blazor WebAssembly applications in these environments, where a multipart bundled file is created from the application DLLs so that the DLLs can be downloaded together bypassing security restrictions. ”

Several Blazor articles were also updated, including:

Other topics and their new articles include:

Updated article topics include security and more.

Twenty community contributors were recognized for their help in strengthening documentation, which Microsoft says is a good way to start contributing to the open source community.

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