Million Lords celebrates one million downloads | Pocket

million lords, the first game released by the Million Victories studio, celebrates three years of successful growth. As a result, they plan to celebrate with their biggest in-game event yet, a series of freebies and exclusive, limited-time content for their multiplayer community.

The company, which was founded in 2017, has seen the successful growth of Million Lords, launched in 2019, as a real-time online multiplayer title. The game is now one of the top French-made mobile games and holds a stable position in the highest-grossing rankings for Google Play and the App Store, despite aggressive competition in one of the most lucrative mobile game genres. and the most publicized. .

Million Lords can also celebrate the “million” part of its name, as the game now has over a million downloads across both storefronts, and of those, over 150,000 monthly active players, with a duration of average daily play of 1.6 hours; that’s 240,000 hours, or 27.4 years of play in a month.

rapid growth

Arnaud Dreistadt, Marketing Director of Million Victories, commented on this milestone saying: “We are very happy and proud to celebrate the third anniversary of Million Lords. We started this amazing project with the original idea of ​​developing a game never seen before, player-friendly and fun to play. And today we are incredibly proud to see that we are growing so fast and that so many players are passionate about it.

Million Victories got a Series A funding round last year that they’ve leveraged to help them establish their brand and achieve these milestones, the MMO title should continue to soar to new heights as Million Victories looks to grow in the future. They raised $1.4 million in 2019 as part of their campaign to bring Million Lords to a wider audience.

Sam D. Gomez