Neural Script Education Emerges As The Best Ed-Tech Platform To Secure A Dream IT Job

Neural Script Education is an interactive online learning platform that makes learning accessible to everyone by offering instructor-led classes and 24/7 on-demand support.

Neural Script Education provides industry-based education with one-time fees and lifetime upgrades, helping students find their dream jobs in the IT industry ”

– Yogendra Singh Rathore (founder)

INDIA, December 21, 2021 / – There are many online education marketplaces on the Internet. And then there is Neural scripting education. It is the fastest growing education market with the highest course completion rate in the industry.

This new Ed-Tech start-up is the world’s leading marketplace for learning and teaching, aimed at students of computer science, such as AI, data science, cybersecurity, digital marketing in business development or data analysis.

This alternative platform is for students who want to continue and complete their courses by taking online courses, using a team of ridiculously engaged educators who will stop at nothing to provide an education. There are 5,000 learners enrolled in Neural Script Education. They offer more than ten innovative courses.

Neural Script Education (OPC) Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2019, officially registered in 2021. Before the covid-19 pandemic, they had an offline module with over 100 students with 80% success in jobs. When Covid-19 halted the on-campus education process, they began planning to move online and start providing online education. And here they are! The goals of Neural Scrip Education are:

– They target Hindi speaking audience because most Indians know Hindi, and it’s easy to understand. Then other languages.

– Low-cost education and up-to-date knowledge.

– Lifetime access with course updates.

The mind behind this concept, the founder of Neural Script Education, is the only one in this business, and the main goal is to provide students with the best computer training and out-of-the-box skills. Low cost education. Real-time learning by industry. Skill set course appropriate for the job.

He shared, “I have taken over 20 certification courses at top institutes and found 3 bugs in top companies. After all of these accomplishments, I realized that paying for multiple courses was not good and that they did not provide proper education. So I came up with this idea of ​​providing industry based education with one time fee and lifetime updates. Our courses are well explained and provide all the key knowledge that will help students land their dream job in the IT industry. “

One of their students commented, saying, “I can’t believe that I can now learn and develop so many skills without having to purchase individual lessons separately. With only one-time fee I am able to learn everything I need to learn like Python, SQL, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Docker, Deployment , AWS, and more. Thanks Neural Script Education »

To help software engineers start their careers, they also offer plenty of free courses in popular categories like python, SQL & Data Structures, and Algorithms.

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About Neural Script Education.

Neural Script Education is an Ed-Tech start-up, the world’s leading marketplace for learning and teaching, aimed at students of computer science, such as AI, data science, cybersecurity, digital marketing in the business development or data analysis. For updates, follow them on Youtube and Facebook.

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