New Google tool doubles the speed of cloud storage downloads

Google Cloud is about to launch a new tool that will allow users to create and manage
certain resources and services directly, while conferring a performance advantage.

The cloud giant says the tool, dubbed “gcloud storage CLI”, will enable up to 94% faster data transfers when using its cloud storage.

Users could previously modify their Google Cloud resources on the command line or via scripts through Google Cloud CLI, but the new tool is meant to modernize the experience.

How it works?

Google says the faster transfer rates are the result of two main innovations in gcloud storage.

First, gcloud storage apparently uses faster hash tools for CRC32C data integrity checking that skip the complicated configuration required for gsutil, the tool’s Python-based predecessor.

Second, the new tool uses a new parallelization strategy that treats task management as a graph problem, which is supposed to allow “more work to be done in parallel with much less overhead.”

When transferring 100 files of 100MB size, Google claims that gcloud storage is 79% faster than gsutil when downloading and 33% faster when downloading using a parallel composite download strategy .

Along with the performance improvements, Google is also touting the new tool as a “consistent way” to manage all Google Cloud resources such as Cloud Storage buckets, Compute Engine virtual machines, and Google Kubernetes Engine clusters.

For example, gcloud storage would significantly reduce the number of higher-level commands users must use to manage their Cloud Storage resources, by grouping commands under common headers.

The gcloud storage CLI is currently available and ready to use at no additional cost. You can install or upgrade to the latest version of the Google Cloud SDK here (opens in a new tab) to access the new CLI.

If you want to learn more about how the gcloud storage CLI works, you can check out the documentation here (opens in a new tab).

Sam D. Gomez