People’s education and health cannot be compromised, says SC

New Delhi (PTI): The Supreme Court on Thursday said there must be a limit on the series of errant tips for All India Quota in NEET-PG-21 and students cannot be admitted by compromising education and people’s health.

The sighting was made by a vacation bench of Justices MR Shah and Aniruddha Bose who booked her order for Friday on a batch of petitions asking for a special round of errant counsel to fill the 1,456 NEET-PG-21 seats that were left vacant after conducting a series of errant tips for All India Quota.

“Special stray cartridges, special stray cartridges – there must be a limit. For many years the seats have remained vacant and this is not the very first time.

“There must be a limit to the whole exercise. Just because some seats remained vacant after 8 to 9 counseling sessions, can you say that you will be admitted after one and a half years in a course of three years compromising with the education and the health of the people? Try to appreciate that this is a three-year course,” observed the bench in concluding the hearing.

When the hearing began, the Supreme Court instructed Additional Solicitor General Balbir Singh, representing the Center, not to treat the motions as adversarial litigation.

“Don’t treat and view this as adversarial litigation and stand on technicalities. This is 1,400 medical seats. These are postgraduate (PG) seats. The government wants doctors too “Government wants doctors with PG Government also wants super specialist doctors. We are running out of doctors. They can serve the nation. And these 1,400 seats cannot be considered a small number of seats,” the bench said. .

This high court observation came during the reading of the affidavit filed by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) advising that it has concluded four rounds of online counseling for NEET-PG-21 and that it cannot fill 1,456 seats by performing a special round. advice because the software is closed.

The bench said the center couldn’t take a technical pitch and say that since the website was down, nothing could be done.

We are not only interested in students. We are concerned with the nation as a whole. When the nation, our country has 1,400 super-specialist doctors, it will also be in the interest of the general public. Suppose these positions are not filled, how will the medical board or the government benefit? You tell us, said the bench,

Instead of fighting, you try to find a solution and a way. How it can be cured and this problem can be solved,” observed the bench. The ASG argued that this is an annual phenomenon and that the seats in this segment are mostly non-clinical and no one is postulating.

In 2021, out of the said 1456 vacant seats, 800/900 seats were chosen but students were not admitted.

The ASG argued that classes already started in February and that it is no longer possible to hold classes for another six to eight months.

He said NEET 2022 teaching would also be compromised if new rounds of advice were carried out.

Barrister Gaurav Sharma, representing the National Medical Council, informed the court that counseling for NEET-PG 2021 was closed after nine rounds of counseling.

He said that this problem comes up every year and that this situation was also considered in 2019.

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) informed the High Court on Wednesday that it had concluded four rounds of online counseling for NEET-PG-21 and could not fill 1,456 seats by holding one round. special stray tips because the software is closed.

The DGHS said the petitioners’ prayer for a special round of misguided advice is at a late stage, as it will disrupt the whole process for the next advice session for NEET-PG-22, as the advice for two academic sessions cannot occur simultaneously.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court had arrested the Medical Advisory Committee (MCC) for leaving more than 1,450 seats vacant in NEET-PG-21, saying it would not only hurt aspirants but also lead to a shortage of doctors.

The batch of petitions were filed by doctors who participated in the NEET-PG 2021-22 exam and participated in rounds 1 and 2 of the All India Quota (AIQ) council and the State Quota council which was attended by All India Mop-Up and State Mop-Up Rounds and concluded on May 7 by the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) after the All India Stray Vacancy Round.

One of the petitions filed by Dr. Astha Goel and others through attorney Tanvi Dubey said on April 18, in a notification, the MCC said there were 323 vacancies at UG Counselling, and in order to ensure that these precious seats don’t go to waste, they would organize a Special Stray Round for the same.

Advocacy stated that it is relevant to mention here that this is a practice that has been followed by the MCC before, in which special rounds for UG and PG were conducted to ensure that the seats do not become vacant. However, this was not followed this year.

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Sam D. Gomez