Piper to lead Indian students in technical education with easy to use kits

The company aims to give children a hands-on experience of building robots

California-based EdTech start-up Piper Learning Inc., founded by Indo-American Shree Bose, plans to expand to India in 2022. In partnership with Brand Capital and The Times Group of India, Piper is looking to start selling products made in India through Amazon and Flipkart in early 2022.

Founded in 2014 by Bose, then a student at Harvard University, Piper creates electrical engineering and computer kits for children over 8 years old. Winner of the first Google Global Science grand prize in 2011, Bose is motivated by its conversations with students around the world who are struggling to gain a foothold in the exploration of technology. Piper’s flagship product, the Piper Computer Kit, combines physical construction with electronics and gameplay in the virtual world, using the Raspberry Pi edition of Minecraft.


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In March 2021, the award-winning science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) company launched Piper Make, its online coding platform, which allows students to convert their home computers into a powerful prototyping station. Piper uses simple hardware and electronics coupled with free drag-and-drop coding lessons in kits designed for everyone from hobbyists to advanced users. With representations of the Raspberry Pi Pico, the bite-sized microcontroller that powers lessons, translations of Google Blockly code into Python Circuit, and more, Piper Make is designed for anyone to learn the basics of hardware and coding.

“We want Piper’s magic – building with technology physically while experiencing storytelling-based virtual lessons – to be accessible to everyone,” Shree said. “With the COVID-19 pandemic, while students have been confined for months, learning has largely moved online. So we wanted to create an experience that allows students to use their computers in a different way than just their online lessons, which is exactly what Piper Make allows anyone to do.

Piper also launched her new Piper Make Robotic Expedition Kit, an addition to their Piper Make platform, during the holiday season. With servo motors and custom laser-cut wood pieces that can be assembled using an engineered blueprint, the kit allows users to get started with online story-based lessons. This new robotic expedition kit gives kids a hands-on experience building the robots they see in the world around us.

As a company largely concentrated in the United States, Piper has quickly grown into a global brand with products in more than 50,000 homes on every continent.

Speaking of his background, Bose, who is from Kolkata, said his grandfather’s cancer diagnosis and struggle sparked his exploration. “I am delighted to bring the opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to have to the next generation of Indian innovators. I am convinced that with a solid foundation in technology, confidence in construction with material and the innovative spirit of starting with Piper, India will be a source of solutions to the great challenges of the world. I’m delighted that Piper is a part of it.


Shree bose

Co-founder, Piper Inc.

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