Python-Based Blockchain Platform Lamden Releases Community Nodes

Python-Based Blockchain Platform Lamden Releases Community Nodes

Lamden announced the release of Community Nodes on Testnet.

According to Lamden, “This is a monumental step for Lamden, years of preparation.”

Community nodes will help further decentralize the Lamden network, improve stability, and create a solid foundation to support the platform’s continued growth.

Competing blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin enable similar decentralized networks for users. A node on these platforms is essential to validate blockchain transactions. Lamden’s new community nodes help disperse transaction validation and storage across the globe so that any individual failure does not affect overall network availability.

Python-based blockchain

As described by the team, “Lamden is the first Python-based blockchain platform that makes it easy for everyone to use and build the next generation of decentralized applications (dApps). Lamden is completely open source and designed from scratch to remove technical barriers and empower developers.

Creators can choose to program in Python, or their preferred language, and dramatically reduce dApp production time. According, it only takes two to six months for new programmers to learn the Python language. A report of ZDNet shows that Python has overtaken Java as the most popular programming language with over 10 million active developers.

Lamden developers are further incentivized since 90% of each transaction fee is returned to the dApp creator.

The new community nodes will allow developers to offer users free transactions using a newly developed feature called Buffer Transfer. This gives developers and users the independence to interact with traditional centralized exchanges and removes barriers for new users joining the app ecosystem.

$TAU is the incentive that rewards participants for their efforts within the Lamden Network. $TAU has a current supply of 248 million but this continues to decrease over time as 1% of each transaction fee is burned and permanently removed from circulation.

Environmentally friendly first-in, first-out transactions democratize network access and are intended to benefit users and developers alike. Everyone is treated equally – there is no pay-to-play required to engage with the Lamden Network.

More details on Lamden’s DAO structure and information on publishing Community Nodes to the mainnet can be found at

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