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A Jurong West community cat was seen strangled to death by a python.

Two pasted photos Facebook showed the python wrapped around the tabby cat and its lifeless body following the incident.

The post’s caption said the incident happened somewhere near blocks 490 to 499 Jurong West.

Animated discussions

Heated discussions on Facebook followed after the post was posted.

Discussions focused on those who felt angry that a community cat was preyed upon, and those who sided with wildlife and their need to survive in a concrete jungle.

Those angry that a community cat was killed by a snake said they would have harmed the reptile if they were near.

This prompted a strong response from those who argued that the snake only caught prey because it needed to eat, and led to exposure of the prejudices of those who only love cats to the exclusion of all cats. other animals.

The photo of the cat’s carcass left untouched indicates that the python was deprived of a meal because human intervention likely took place.

Previous Incident

A python was previously seen consuming a cat in Jurong West in November 2018.

The issue of human intervention depriving pythons of their meals has been highlighted before as nature has been prevented from taking its course.

Information about pythons in Singapore

Reticulated pythons are native to Singapore and have adapted well to urban areas.

Pythons feed on smaller animals like rats and sometimes even cats.

Previously, wildlife rescue group Acres explained that the curious nature of cats can make them an easy target if they approach the snake.

While incidents of communal cats being eaten by pythons have saddened locals, both animals are part of this urban city’s ecosystem.

Acres said:

“We are sorry for the loss of the beloved cat. It is unfortunate, but these are some of the risks that community animals will face in our urban landscape. These are all animals trying to survive.”

What to do if you see a python in Singapore

Like many other wildlife, pythons are shy and will not attack unless provoked or threatened.

If you see pythons or snakes in urban areas you can call the Acres Wildlife Rescue Hotline at 9783 7782 or NParks at 1800-476-1600 who will dispatch an expert to assist you.

If a snake is spotted near trees, bushes or in sewers, it is advisable to leave it alone as these are its natural habitats.

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