Python found on KZN South Coast escapes death from community members

While we’re not ones to show our love or affection for snakes of any kind, we don’t believe in killing an animal for being in the wrong place.

We understand that many people see snakes and immediately feel fear, we completely resonate, but shooting an animal that is just following its natural instincts is inhumane.

A Southern African python was recently found in Palm Beach on the south coast – and things have gotten a bit out of hand…

The snake was found at the edge of a property and one of the neighbors’ dogs became hysterical after seeing it.

Sarel van der Merwe, a prominent KZN snake hunter, was called to the property. It was alleged that one of the neighbors threatened to shoot the snake.

Van der Merwe had to jump the fence to get to the snake, which had just eaten its lunch.

Van der Merwe called one of his farmer friends to ask if he could release the python on his farm, which he agreed.

Luckily, the python didn’t regurgitate its lunch, which usually happens when a snake is caught after eating.

“These snakes are protected in southern Africa as vulnerable in the latest South African Red Book, and cannot be caught or killed. In South Africa, it is the only one of its kind; a very large, bulky snake that does not cannot be easily confused with other snakes.” (Facebook)

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Sam D. Gomez