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At the time of requesting a loan, it can be very complicated, if figures in the Financial Credit Institutions (FCI). In fact, it is the main list of defaulters of our country, so it is reviewed by traditional financial institutions, before granting you a loan. And it is that appearing on this list makes it practically impossible to grant a loan, even if it is a small sum. However, there are solutions through the network to get a certain amount of cash quickly, even if you are present in these lists of defaults and defaulters. It is about the loans with FCI, an ideal alternative to face unforeseen expenses, which helps, to a great extent, the family economy of many households.

Take a deep breath and relax because online loan lenders are ready for you

We are aware that there are many reasons why anyone can appear on a list of defaulters: electricity bills that have been paid untimely because they have had a delicate economic situation for a period of time; unpaid telephone bills, even if the company has fattened the bills for sometimes inexplicable reasons; etc. Therefore, we understand that these situations can arise in every household and we offer you an economical solution, even though you figure in those lists.

It is fast, comfortable, and simple via online loan lenders, without cumbersome paperwork or explanations about your financial problems and from the comfort of your home.

Requirements when applying for a loan with FCI

When you apply for an online loan through our website, you must meet a few simple requirements to get the requested amount of cash instantly:

  • Adult. You must be between the ages of 18 and 65 to apply for a loan with us.
  • Resident in Spain. Even if you do not have Spanish nationality, it is essential that you reside in Spain.
  • Be in possession of an active checking account. You must have a bank account in your name, so we can enter the amount you have requested.
  • Have sufficient and regular income. Depending on the amount required, the regular source of income can be a payroll, an unemployment benefit, a pension, etc.
  • Active mobile phone You must also have an active mobile device, which can receive calls and text messages, so we can contact you.

Fulfilling these requirements, you only have to choose the conditions of your loan with FCI, whose sum can not exceed € 800 (€ 300, in the case of new customers); and the repayment term, which may last no longer than six weeks. Finally, you only have to fill in your personal data and, once we accept your request, you will receive the sum of money in your bank account in about fifteen minutes.

What is FCI?

Although anyone who wants to borrow online with FCI knows what it is, it is worth defining it. There is a lot of misinformation and many prejudices about this file. FCI is the acronym for the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments, was created in 1957 and is responsible for managing a database where data is collected from people who have fallen behind in defaults. In this file, you can find both people and companies.

Who can register people in FCI?

The first thing you have to be clear is that in order to register someone in these files, you must be a member of it. Virtually all companies have the membership of the entity to enroll customers who do not meet their payments. So, you can be registered by the following types of companies:

  1. Banks: all Spanish banks are part of FCI, in addition to all savings banks. These entities are every day with customers who do not pay their debts, so the registration of people in this file is common for them.
  2. Consumer financial companies: that is, all companies that finance consumer goods such as supermarkets, car finance, household appliances … That is, any company that offers to finance for any product. Therefore, supermarkets such as Carrefour or stores like Mediamarkt are part of this group. There are times when people can not cope with the payment of the bills of what they have bought in installments and one of the strategies that these entities have is the registration of said people in these files.
  3. Insurers: of any kind.
  4. Telecommunications companies: as the providers of telephone lines. There are many people who refuse to pay a phone bill for whatever reason and these companies inscribe them in the FCI file.
  5. Suppliers of supplies: such as electricity, water, and gas. When you leave an invoice of any supply without paying, the most common is that the company enrolls you in these files.
  6. Other companies that can not be classified in any previous category but that may suffer risks of losses in the event that customers incur defaults.

Why are online loans offered with FCI?

There are more and more entities that, like our collaborators, offer loans to people that appear in the FCI files. The previous norm was quite severe with those who were included in this database and as soon as they appeared they were denied any type of loan or credit.

However, this often had no head or foot. Keep in mind that many companies use this mechanism as a way to “punish” those who have not fulfilled their bills without thinking about the consequences of this.

For example, there may be someone who for breaking a payment of a mobile invoice for whatever reason appears in this database. However, the most normal thing before was not to ask what debt is the one that has contracted or under what conditions.

It is not the same for a person who owes an invoice of 50 euros to a telephone company and who has not paid for any problem, either with the company or due to specific economic problems, who has asked for a loan of thousands of euros and has not he has returned it.

On the other hand, these lists have also been added to people who have been victims of abuse by some companies. For example, with everything that has happened with mortgages in Spain and the abusive clauses that have been included in the contracts. It does not hurt to understand that there are people registered in these lists that do not deserve to be because the default has been no more than a form of revolt against the abuse of a company.

In short, not all “defaulters” are unreliable. On the contrary, there are many people who use this mechanism of not paying as a strategy to protest abuses and bad practices of companies. Certainly, each situation is different and that someone who has not paid X company for X reason does not mean that they can no longer opt for a financing tool such as an online loan.

In fact, this is something that more and more financing entities are thinking about and that is why products are offered for those who are registered in these files.

Lastly, it should be noted that as a connecting entity between loan claimants and financial entities, our maxim is to help people who need liquidity for any reason. And for that, everyone must be given an opportunity, regardless of the circumstances in which they have been involved and for which they have incurred non-payment.

Characteristics of loans with FCI offered by our clients

One of the characteristics that most worries those who want to request a loan being registered in this file is if the interest applied will be higher. The most logical thing to do is to think that yes, given that people who have already incurred a default would have a greater risk of not returning the money.

However, this is not our philosophy. The loans offered by the companies that collaborate with us for those who appear in the FCI files do not have a higher interest. The same percentages apply to those who appear in these files and to those who do not.

So, this is not a question that should worry you at all. The only reason to have a category as such is so that if you have had problems to appear in these listings, know that for us this will not be a problem.

Another important factor is that you can request the money even if you do not have a payroll. People who do not appear in these files have the possibility of requesting a loan without having a fixed payroll and those who also appear. They will have the same conditions and will be able to access this type of products, although the ideal is always to have a fixed source of income: a payroll, a pension, an unemployment benefit, etc.

Finally, we must also point out that there is a single case in which our collaborators do not grant financing services to people who appear in FCI. If you appear in these files due to having a financial debt for another loan or for a charge of the credit card, it will be difficult for us to find an entity willing to offer you financing.

However, everything will depend on the amount that this debt entails since some lenders take into account the amount and not the origin of the debt. In any case, you can contact us so we can inform you about your possibilities.

Why use an online loan if you appear in an FCI file?

If you appear in this list, you will know what it is like to receive negative responses to your requests for financing in practically any company or bank. This is because the financiers ask for your data to check them and the notification that you appear in FCI automatically skips them.

And this is where almost no company is willing to give you financing. For this reason, it is often best to go to the digital environment for several reasons that we will discuss below.

The answer will be yes

This is the main reason why online loans are the best choice if you need money for any purchase or to solve any problem. Normally, all the financing companies that work on the Internet have a series of specific products for the extras in these lists.

Therefore, if you receive a refusal when financing, for example, a washing machine or any other household appliance, you can request an online loan to pay at the store and then return the money to the finance company.

Less paperwork

If you really find a bank or an establishment that allows you to apply for funding, the paperwork you will have to complete will be extensive and tedious. In addition to justifying that you have a fixed payroll, you will be asked for an endorsement and even extracts from the bank to make sure you are up to date with all your payments.

In short, asking for a loan will become an arduous task full of obstacles and impediments. All so that, in many cases, they deny your request.

For this reason, if you want to avoid all the bureaucracy, it is best to turn to the digital environment as it is usually much simpler and more comfortable.


Speed ​​is another important factor to value online loans. This speed is based on two parameters. The first one is that you will not be asked for as much paperwork as in other financial entities. Therefore, you will not have to wait to gather it and deliver it.

In addition to this, the communications are always digital, so the sending of documents will be much faster and more comfortable since it does not require your travel. But also, the study of your case and the concession or denial will be faster than in other entities.

All companies offer a response between 24 and 48 hours after submitting your application. So, you can know if you have money or not much earlier.

The return is short term

The prompt return is one of the benefits that has made many people with FCI turn to these products. Why? Very easy. It is easier to plan in the short term than in the long term.

Neither you nor anyone knows what will happen to him from here to a year or a few months. Therefore, when you ask for a loan and have to return it to the next month or two months, your finances will be under control.

You will not have to spend several months or even years paying a small fee, but you will be able to pay it in a short time and get rid of the debt. Also, if you wish, you can make the payment when you have the money without the added cost, something that other financial and banks do not allow.

You have no minimum to request

The imposition of a minimum amount does not occur in the digital financial environment either. In most loans, you can request from 50 to 1,000 euros without any other tax than your needs. This is a very common problem that you can face if you are registered with FCI.

Having to ask for a larger amount than you need will only make you have to pay back more money when this was not necessary. The only consequence is the generation of a greater debt and an added concern for you.

Therefore, the vast majority of financial companies that operate on the Internet offer versatility and adaptation to the needs of their clients.

More privacy

When making the arrangements from the privacy of your home, no one indiscreet will have to find out that you are asking for a loan. It is well known that in the branches people are fixed in the efforts of others and often there is a very limited privacy.

Well, this will not happen to you when you ask for a loan on the Internet because you will not have to leave the house.

More security

Even if you think your data is less secure on the Internet, nothing is further from the truth. Data files are much better protected on the Internet than in physical entities or bank branches.

So, in case there is any problem or any scam occurs, all this information will be much more accessible and secure.

Do not give up

Do not give up

In short, if for any reason you appear in the lists of FCI, do not resign yourself to not ask for loans. On the Internet, you can find the financial services you need. Practically all the companies we work with offer products to people who appear in FCI and do not put major complications to those who request them.

Therefore, do not think about it anymore and turn to us if you are looking for online loans with FCI. Surely you will not regret it.

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