San Mateo woman creates wall to bring community together

SAN MATEO (KPIX) — The past two years have been tough for everyone in one way or another.

Amie Tyler created a community healing wall and placed it in downtown San Mateo.

“The purpose of this wall is, really, to focus on collective healing and all that we’ve all been through during the pandemic,” she said. “To help us collectively heal and release some of the heaviness we carry.”

People are encouraged to post their thoughts on the wall. There are four chalkboards – two for grief and loss and two for gratitude and hope.

“The idea behind it is kind of ‘cycling’. What we’ve lost during the pandemic and, as you walk around the wall, really, it ends in gratitude and appreciation” , she said. “It’s really kind of a trip around the wall.”

Tyler, who has her own integrative healing business, says she was moved by the number of people who wrote their thoughts and feelings on the wall.

“Over 5,000 ratings in just a few weeks,” she said. “I didn’t expect to be so emotional. I also didn’t expect to laugh so much. There’s a lot of humor in the wall.”

Some people stop and watch. Others decide to let their thoughts guide the chalk.

Tyler hopes people will take a moment to come and think.

“We are not alone in our grief and loss,” she said. “There is room for healing that does not need to speak through everything. We can have a moment of reflection and contemplation. Just by becoming aware and acknowledging what is happening within, we can release a lot of sadness and grief and make room for new things to happen.”

Sam D. Gomez