Shreveport mother and daughter reunited after a decade apart | Community

SHREVEPORT, La. — It’s taken a decade, but a mother and daughter ArkLaTex are finally reunited.

Melissa Robinson says when she arrived to pick up her six-year-old daughter, Jewel’lissa, from her elementary school on April 9, 2013, she was gone. The person who picked up the child was not a relative and was not supposed to be able to date her, only worse once the child crossed state lines into Texas.

Robinson would find himself fighting for years to get his child back.

Last week, Jewel’lissa finally returned home to Shreveport with her mother.

“I was on the news telling people my child had been kidnapped. I’m not mad at anyone but the system. I want to thank Corporal Hines and Bobby Herring for getting an analysis of the writing to confirm that I did not sign these documents”, says Mélissa Robinson.

From the start, it was a complicated business. Investigators here in Shreveport were able to confirm that the guardianship documents used to obtain the child were forged.

The notary spoke to KTBS in the file confirming that her stamp was stolen, and she even admitted that she never helped with the paperwork.

Despite all the evidence to bring Jewel’lissa back to Shreveport, it took years for the return to happen.

Now Robinson says she plans to become a lawyer. She wants a public apology, and she works to get counseling for the teenager.

Sam D. Gomez