Spring Laughs via Athens Community Theater’s ‘The Butler Did It’

Laugh April 8-10, when Athens Community Theater Players perform “The Butler Did it” at the Quonset Hut Theater in downtown Athens.

Screenings at 7 p.m. on April 8 and 9 and at 4 p.m. on April 10. Admission is by donation.

On rehearsal for two months, the crime comedy comedy, Todd Wallinger’s “The Butler Did It,” produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado, is a fun, frenetic who-dunnit that features a real English butler and a good cockney, as well as a cast of seven other interesting characters.

Director Brad Kenyon said casting for “The Butler Did It” was surprisingly easy and he was able to find a place for anyone who showed up for auditions, adding that everyone seemed perfect for their assigned role. Several of the cast members have contributed their own ideas to increase the physical comedy of the play, which only adds to its humorous appeal.

The set consists of Shannon Kenyon (Jenkins), Kaitlyn Converse (Sarah Jane), Mark Doubleday (Trevor Barstow), Linda Kenyon (Gram), Gary Eberly (Col. Nigel Covington), Laura Martinez (Lady Miranda Covington), Emma Tennyson (Kat Covington), Duane Walters (Father Timothy) and Annette Kukla (Edwina Corry).

Brad Kenyon’s initial reading of “The Butler Did It” had him laughing out loud on the third page, “It’s not Bob Hope’s punchline beat, but a delightful blend of physical and verbal comedy that makes it hilarious,” he said. “There’s the influence of classic Hollywood productions, old-school vaudeville and Monty Python.”

“The Butler Did It” is good for several good laughs. Those who come to see the production will leave with a smile on their face. Plus, the popular Sara Jordan-Grubb will be on hand with her awesome concessions available for purchase.

ACT dedicates this production of “The Butler Did It” to two loyal members of its band who recently passed away: Virginia Doubleday, mother of Quonset Hut founder and theater manager Mark Doubleday, and Dale Muyskens, an original board member of ACT. administration of ACT who was, according to Kenyon, “a real brother in every sense of the word”. Both Muyskens and Doubleday were driving forces in the development of ACT and were involved in multiple aspects of theatre.

The Athens Quonset Hut Theater is located at 132 N. Capital Avenue. For more information, call (517) 677-7297.

Sam D. Gomez