Starlink’s new Premium tier promises faster downloads, lower latency

Starlink has launched its new

Starlink Premium Antenna

and the service, with the promise that it will exceed the company’s previous offerings in terms of speed and latency delivered.

According to the satellite internet provider’s pre-order page, the new, larger antenna unit and its companion subscription offer “150-500 Mbps download speeds and 20-40 ms latency, enabling connectivity at broadband for small offices, storefronts and power users across the globe.

Founder and CEO of parent company Starlink SpaceX, Elon Musk, tweeted that the new antenna has “twice the area of ​​our standard phased array with a wider sweep angle”. Starlink says this will help its satellite service be viable even for the peak data consumption periods of the most demanding users.

The company also claims that the Starlink Premium antenna can continue to operate uninterrupted even in “extreme weather conditions”.

In addition to the enhanced hardware capabilities offered by Starlink Premium, the Companion Subscription touts its new “24/7 priority support”, which is not offered on any previous Starlink subscription plan.

However, the increased throughput and priority support don’t come cheap. The initial hardware required for Starlink Premium will cost subscribers $2,500, with an additional $50 in shipping and handling. On top of that, they will have to pay $500 per month for the required broadband subscription, which is five times the $99 per month of Starlink’s standard subscription.

It remains to be seen if the bump of

standard Starlinks

Starlink Premium’s promised 100-200 Mbps to 150-350 Mbps speeds and other benefits that come with it will be enough to attract many users to the more expensive option.

Satellite Internet services have struggled for some time to reach a level of viability comparable to that of their terrestrial and terrestrial wireless counterparts. Starlink Premium is certainly a step towards that parity, assuming it delivers on its promises, but the cost can put off all but the most desperate or wealthy customers.

Interested persons can book their Starlink Premium slot now for a $500 deposit. The company expects to begin shipping the self-installation kits in the second quarter of 2022.

Sam D. Gomez