Steam Beta Brings New Downloads Page, Linux Container Updates

Valve just released a pretty big beta update for Steam for players on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

This Steam beta update is a bit meatier than normal with a new download page implementation, several Linux-specific updates, continued work on SteamVR and Steam Input, and much more.

Some of the changes include:

– A new downloads page in the Steam client. This new downloads page is more minimal and focused with a variety of UI / UX improvements over the old design.

– Various updates to the Steam library.

– Steam Input sees decreasing CPU usage, especially for Steam Input API games. Steam Input also now supports Xbox Series X PowerA controllers.

– Updates to the Linux container runtime for Scout and Soldier.

– Pinning the library on Linux is now significantly faster at startup.

– Steam has restored compatibility with the NixOS distribution.

– The / usr / share / nvidia The directory is now exposed to containers when using the proprietary NVIDIA driver so that application / game specific profiles can be applied.

– Steam on Linux now silences most library preload warnings (LD_PRELOAD).

– SteamVR now detects HTC Vive Pro 2 and has a driver installation prompt.

Lots of changes with this beta update for Steam today. Hopefully more good stuff in the coming months for Steam Linux builds in anticipation of Steam Deck shipping around EOY.

The full list of changes for today’s Steam Beta Update is available on

Sam D. Gomez