Steam Gets Sophisticated New Downloads Page, Beta Released Now

Valve has applied Steam UI revisions to specific components in recent years, and the company’s latest target is the client download page. The newly revised section can be accessed by switching to the Steam beta client, although in this initial public release some bugs are to be expected. See what the new downloads page looks like in the screenshot above.

At first glance, the biggest change is in the header, with the download status information being moved to the right while the key art and name of the game being downloaded is visible on the left. . Disk usage is now more visible than before, which should alleviate situations where it looks like the download is stuck, even though space is allocated in the background.

Instead of playing with the “up” button as before for individual downloads, users can drag and drop available updates to change the order of the queue now. If an update being downloaded isn’t just in-game content, a tooltip can also be triggered to indicate if it’s a DLC, Workshop, or Game Cache. incoming shader. A Clear All button for completed downloads and a shortcut for quick access to Steam download settings are also available.

In addition, the relevant patch notes will be easily accessible via a button next to downloads when the corresponding update becomes available. However, this will only affect games for which the developer uses Steam Events to post patch notes.

Steam storage manager revamped

Updates have also arrived in the Library section of this beta, with the all new Storage Manager being the biggest change as noted above. Besides moving games, which is currently a problem, the new storage options and information displayed should be extremely useful for Steam users.

Find the full patch notes for the beta update here. To join the beta, go to the Steam Settings menu, then the Accounts tab, use the CHANGE button in the Beta Participation section and select the “Steam Beta Update” from the drop-down list. Once Valve is happy with the implementation and the bugs have been fixed, the downloads overhaul will roll out to all Steam users.

Sam D. Gomez