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If you’ve ever looked at the messy HTML code resulting from a Save as HTML of Microsoft Word, you can enjoy [Jim Yuill]the motivation of his WordWebNav Project (WWN). [Jim] uses Word to document his technical projects and wanted an easy way to generate web pages. Not only is the HTML generated by Word almost unreadable, [Jim] note that there are also known bugs. His project tries to address these shortcomings and adds new features like a navigation pane and headers, among others. Here is a link to a dummy project that highlights these characteristics.

There are of course other ways to generate web pages from your tech documentation – there’s the Markdown / Pandoc combination, various Wiki solutions, or GitHub pages, for example. If you’re Python-focused, there’s always the Jupyter Notebooks / JupyterLab approach we talked about in 2019. But these assume that the source documents are in a certain format. If you have years of existing documentation in Word, or if you prefer (or are required to) use Word, [Jim]The WWN tool can be interesting.

The open source Python-based program can be found in the project’s GitHub repository. [Jim] has a lot of experience writing software, and the clean, well-organized source code reflects that. Are you converting project documentation to HTML for browsing, either locally or online? If so, share your techniques in the comments below.

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