The 5 Best Education Services and Apps for Kids on Windows

The technological revolution has prompted many parents to buy computers for their children to study, but getting them to actually study can be difficult. However, there are plenty of educational apps and websites that can keep your child engaged while educating them.

Whatever your child’s learning needs, whether it’s to improve their math skills, improve their programming proficiency, increase their typing speed, or paint in their spare time, these educational apps and websites for windows will help you.

Renowned for its well-designed videos, Khan Academy is probably one of the most comprehensive learning apps for children of all age groups. Its engaging content allows students to study at their own pace.

Khan Academy has everything your kids could possibly need, from medicine to primary healthcare, economics to finance, organic chemistry to human biology, and so much more. In addition, its use is free. All you have to do is download the Khan Academy app for Windows and your child is good to go!

Khan Academy even offers its own children’s version called Khan Academy Kids. The app meets the needs of children under the age of seven by teaching them math, logic and emotional studies using games, books, animations and songs.

This way, young children stay engaged while learning things that will serve them well for years to come. Parents can also get help with the courses they are taking. It is therefore a versatile tool that your child should take full advantage of.


Since RoboMind’s educational content focuses heavily on calculation and programming, you might consider it an adult-only app. However, this is not the case! It offers computational thinking to children as young as eight years old to help them thrive in the 21st century.

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RoboMind is not a complete application that covers all topics, but it excels in logic, automation and technology. It’s the perfect place to introduce coding to new kids and tap into the potential of those who are already computer literate.

As part of the app, a virtual teacher constantly guides students and monitors their progress while allowing them to participate in programming contests to test their skills. Who knows, a kid to win another contest is working hard to become the next Dennis Ritchie, one of the greatest programmers of all time.

The RoboMind application, based on the information provided by the company, can teach students in 27 different languages ​​while retaining all the original illustrations and interactive visuals offered in the main language and is therefore used by more than ten thousand students at worldwide.

To download: RoboMind for Windows (free)

Do math problems haunt your children? So give them Mathspace as a gift. This online math workbook will let your kids practice math on their windows devices at home.

To help you teach your children, the app also offers a set of manuals, helpful step-by-step explanations, and over 14,000 videos. Thus, the application is not limited to solving problems but offers much more.

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Mathspace has hundreds of quizzes to help your kids practice whatever area of ​​math they’re struggling with. Mathspace lets kids solve as many math word problems as they want, and the app will rate their performance.

The app also offers smart handwriting recognition, useful if you have a touchscreen device that supports pen input. By using this feature, your child will have the sense of solving math problems by hand.

Mathspace isn’t an all-in-one learning app, but it’s one hell of a math solver. Therefore, put an end to your kids’ heavy math notebooks and use this online workbook to improve their skills.

TuxPaint app interface

The best way to inspire creativity in children is through crafts. Let your kids soar with their clever imaginations using the Tux Paint Windows app! Whether your little one is interested in painting or you want to involve them in drawing activities, Tux Paint is the app for you.

Children aged 3 to 12 will find the software easy to use and free. Tux Paint is made even more enjoyable with its interactive controls, fun sound effects and a Penguin character who shows kids around to keep them entertained.

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Tux Paint has everything you need to help your child develop their artistic side by adding shapes, inserting text, painting with the brush and using magic effects. After drawing their favorite landscape, the app allows them to print it out and hang it in their bedroom right next to their bed.

Tux Paint is also great for seniors looking for a break from complicated photoshop tools and hectic professional editing. Plus, the app is completely ad-free, which means your child won’t have to deal with the constant interruption that other apps inevitably cause.

To download: Tux Paint for Windows (Free)

Type Shark Deluxe Game in action

The Typer Shark Deluxe is an entertaining, fun, and interactive Windows PC game designed more as a tool for improving typing skills than a typical learning app. Kids (and even adults!) can use the app’s keyboard as a weapon against in-game enemies to improve their typing skills.

Typer Shark Deluxe offers a great educational adventure that kids will love as it challenges the user to fight sharks and find the hidden treasure.

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In addition to increasing a player’s WPM, this in-game disguised type booster helps pass the time, effectively killing boredom. In addition to sharks, hungry piranhas are also on the loose, and only a player’s kicking skills can save them. The feeling of winning helps them improve their typing speed every day.

If you want your kids to have good typing skills right from the start, install Typer Shark Deluxe right now.

To download: Typer Shark Deluxe for Windows (Free)

Improve your child’s knowledge with attractive Windows applications

With the rapid growth of smart gadgets, traditional ways of learning have become boring, especially for young people. For them, these monotonous ways are less exciting and limit their creativity. By using the best educational apps for Windows, you can entertain your children and enrich their knowledge.

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