The FBJSL Awards Graduate Scholarships for Outstanding Volunteerism

Fort Bend Junior Service League (FBJSL) 2021-22 academic year scholarships were awarded to six Fort Bend high school girls for their outstanding volunteer service to the community.

Leeah Chang, Anshumi Jhaveri, Maddy Xiong, Arshia Verma, Urva Patel and Kathyrn Reynolds are the young women who have been selected from a pool of highly qualified applicants, advises FBJSL. Here are some background highlights from the standouts.

Leeah Chang attends Seven Lakes High School and has volunteered in leadership positions at the Houston Food Bank for over 450 hours. While visiting a school in Mexico, Chang taught Spanish and, upon his return, created a website for the nonprofit school in three languages. She is a team captain for the JV/Varsity cross-country team and is a member of the varsity band. Chang will attend Brown University in the fall.

Anshumi Jhaveri, who attends Dulles High School, has received numerous academic awards, including Debate and Destination Imagination. She started volunteering at age 4 with Special Olympics. Jhaveri’s volunteer service hours total over 360 for Start the Heart Imitative aimed at raising CPR awareness in elementary schools. She has taught CPR to over 2,000 students and also created an online platform that brought the CPR course directly into the classroom. She has dedicated countless hours to Young Jains of America organizing activities and helping to raise over $10,000 for charities.

Maddy Xiong attends Clements High School, has excelled as a football player, and is the varsity team captain. She was tapped to play football at the college level by universities such as MIT, NYU, and the University of Chicago. She has provided over 100 hours of service to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada’s Student of the Year campaign and co-led a team of 10 to raise over $20,000. Xiong has also volunteered with Essential Care, contributing more than 150 hours of service helping assemble thousands of covid relief packages. She also created and built a website that garnered over 30,000 views on social media. She excels as a gifted student and scored 1570 out of 1600 on the SAT standardized test.

Arshia Verma attends Dulles High School and has served her community through leadership and volunteer roles. She has contributed over 165 hours to Unite and Inspire and co-hosted Dulles Girls Bytes teaching workshops on using Java, SQL, Python and HTML/CSS for school-aged girls. Verma is also co-president and co-founder of Sending Eyeglasses Everywhere, and has collected and donated 1,377 pairs of glasses to clinics in and around the Houston area and Mexico. She loves music, co-founded HindiPiano and has transcribed and published over 19 popular Bollywood songs in Western-style notation. She also has the distinction of being published in the Harvard Public Health Review Journal for a collaborative research paper, “How Diet Pills and Muscle Supplement Use Impact Eating Disorders in Young People in the USA”.

Urva Patel attends William B. Travis High School and has held numerous leadership positions with the Beta Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Travis Indian Student Association, Science National Honor Society, Health Occupation Students of America and BAPS Youth Service Training. She volunteered at BAPS temple as a language tutor in Gujarti language for children aged 4-12. Patel has excelled academically and ranks in the top 3% of his class. She plans to enroll in a medical program after completing her undergraduate degree.

Kathyrn Reynolds attends George Ranch High School and has volunteered over 100 hours at Sire Therapeutic Horsemanship helping lead disabled riders with therapy sessions as well as caring for horses. Reynolds is the president of the Child Advocates Club and organizes fundraising events and service projects. She is also Vice President of Skills USA and has competed in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Forensic Team competitions. Reynolds maintains a 4.551 GPA on a scale of 4.0 and works part-time.

The Fort Bend Junior Service League (FBJSL), which awards the Volunteer Bursaries, is a women’s organization committed to promoting volunteerism, developing women’s potential, and improving the Fort Bend County community through volunteering. effective action and the leadership of trained volunteers.

Sam D. Gomez