The future is Knights robotics!

By: Jonathan Bustos, Victoria Calles, Jose Caso and Maria Vasquez

The Miami Sunset Senior High School Engineering Magnet Program is making a name for itself in the competitive robotics circuit!

The 2021-2022 academic year has been an exceptional year for Knights Engineering! With several VEX robotics competitions completed and more scheduled, Knights are racking up rewards and turning heads wherever they go!


At Miami Sunset Senior High School, the Sunset Robotic Knights VEX team is sponsored by Dr. Annie Lastre, the senior magnetic engineering teacher. The team is made up of 23 amazing loving students who all bring their talent to the club. Each member of the team willingly shares their different skills and ideas in order to improve the performance of the competition. Each student has the freedom to generate ideas and prototypes.

Some students may have more knowledge or experience than others, but the learning and collaboration happens at the same pace. Each team member is valued for the talents and skills they bring to the team. As a team, students work together to brainstorm ideas and provide input and feedback to help make the Knights a winning team. The meetings are very energetic and fun as they are interactive in nature. Whether students are board members or general club members, all ideas are heard with equal value.


Tournaments are the main focus of VEX. Students gain a lot of knowledge during these competitions and make connections that are important for future tournaments when building alliances. The students reflected on chess, learned and improved the programming and construction of two competing robots named “Apollo and Fred”. Since every tournament is an opportunity to learn and apply new skills, the team keeps getting better every time. However, they are already outstanding and recently made it to the semi-finals and won the fair play award at a local tournament.


What was the first thing you created in robotics?

Maria Vasquez, Public Relations, 10and grade- “The first thing I created in robotics was a small electric piano, it was a fun experiment.”

What is your honest opinion on teamwork?

Brigitte Cruz 10and grade- “We work in an incredibly positive environment, and everyone can contribute.”

What’s the hardest thing about vex?

Sarah Palomino, team member, 10and grade- “The hardest thing about vex is learning from scratch and not knowing the basics, but luckily I had good teammates to teach me.”

What have you learned and worked on as club president?

Kevin Parra, President, 12and grade- “I’m learning from vex how to work under pressure in a team and how to manage a team as well, learning from everyone and finding their perfect role.”


The Miami Sunset Engineering Program and Knights Robotics Club will provide students with a variety of skills that can be applied to any chosen career. Sunset Robotic Knights isn’t just about robots. Students will gain great experience working in this club. Students will learn to use tools, apply the principles of physics when designing prototypes, build functional robots, learn different programming languages ​​such as block code, Python and C++. Students will also learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration when working to improve their leadership skills and build lasting friendships.

The Knights Engineering Program is currently accepting applications for magnets for the 2022-2023 school year. Visit our school’s website or contact Mrs. Erin Cernuda to learn more and discover the field of engineering!

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