Transform the documentation process in all organizations

Qubedocs USA, LLC provides automated documentation for the IBM TM1 / Planning Analytics (PA) tool. Some of the largest budgeting and business planning models in the United States rely on the power and versatility of Qubedocs. With a single click, Qubedocs documents a complete TM1 / PA model without manual intervention.

On a mission to maximize investment in resources

Since documentation is a time consuming task that customers weren’t willing to pay for the service for, Qubedocs was designed to help its consultants complete the documentation work early on. After exploring the viability of Qubedocs as a stand-alone product, the company quickly realized its potential to save time and make organizations more efficient. So Qubedocs chased his dream and started building something that would end up delivering incredible value to its customers.

From day one, the company’s mission has been to ensure that no TM1 / PA developer wastes hundreds of hours trying to document an ever-evolving TM1 / PA model. Qubedocs wanted to help organizations maximize their investment in resources by empowering developers to do what they do well, which is to build great models now.

Adding real value to customers

Large US corporate clients are suitably impressed with Qubedocs’ ability to easily document hundreds of models on multiple servers. Customers appreciate the ability to intuitively navigate models and provide documentation to external agencies during SOX audit and compliance work. By providing automated visibility to the clients’ planning environment, Qubedocs saves time and allows developers to focus on more important tasks.

The brain behind the business

Richard Johnson is the founder and CEO of Qubedocs, he has worked tirelessly to make the company work in the United States. By establishing and developing relationships on the ground, he has been successful in engaging many business partners who sell Qubedocs not only in the US but around the world. The company is proud to have over 30 business partners around the world promoting the benefits of Qubedocs.

Turning Big Data Challenges into Opportunities

Most large organizations struggle to manage big data, and planning has become even more difficult than ever in these unpredictable times. Many organizations assume that fully documenting their planning environments is an impractical task. This is where Qubedocs comes in. Basically, it helps organizations with the data lineages around all data flows, cubes, and dimensions in their planning environments. The company prides itself on helping organizations of all sizes with documentation, so they can focus on managing the biggest big data challenges.

Innovation-driven partnerships

Qubedocs focuses on optimization and innovation. Thus, the company is developing a documentation product for SAP and Oracle planning solutions since at present there is nothing on the market that easily automates the documentation of these planning solutions.

To help Qubedocs drive innovation, it has maintained strong relationships with several existing business partners. This cohort helps sell and implement Qubedocs as a solution for their clients in various industries. Over time, the business partners have also gained valuable information which Qubedocs has adapted and included in its roadmap for SAP and Oracle planning solutions.

The role of the cloud in scaling solutions

Cloud has improved Qubedocs and made it an incredibly powerful tool. Thanks to this, the company can host customer documentation on a multi-tenant environment, and thanks to the cloud architecture which has allowed solutions to evolve even faster.

Overcome challenges with optimism

Expansion into the United States from New Zealand presented a series of challenges for Qubedocs, including the steep learning curve of doing business in the United States. But by building a strong team and investing in the right areas, the company is confident in its future success.

The future to come

Qubedocs was designed to be a powerful tool for large organizations. This is why Qubedocs plans to document most of the TM1 / PA models of Fortune 500 companies in the future. But this is not the end for Qubedocs. It also aims to dominate the market in the documentation of SAP and Oracle planning solutions.

Sam D. Gomez