Tutology – India Ed Tech Company’s premium online education for every student

Needless to mention that the concept of traditional education has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Being physically present in a classroom is no longer the only option for learning – not with the rise of the internet and new technologies at least. Access quality education whenever and wherever you want, Tutology lets you enter a new era with the online education revolution.

Tutology was founded in July 2021 with the aim of providing the best possible solutions to all the problems that students encounter in their daily lives through a new concept of tailor-made live lessons in academies and extracurricular activities through their e-learning course. Live lessons are available. Without a doubt, online classes have proven to be a smart choice for students of all ages, and live classes at Tutology have proven to be an effective learning tool for honing student skills in any difficult topic or learn a new skill that allows for greater interaction and more feedback between students and mentors.

In the words of founder Sourabh Sengupta “As we all know; education has become much more competitive in recent years since covid 19 took refuge in our lives. Thus, we strive to offer real-time solutions on how our students can beat the odds and stay ahead in life and education. We do not provide professional relationships to our students because we believe one-on-one relationships are far more valuable in building a student’s bright future.

Tutology offers the best live and interactive courses in the education industry delivered by India’s top subject matter experts in an adaptable way. Tutology, in conjunction with academics, offers reasonable courses on personality development and other topics. With 1-12 top notch in-home tutoring sessions, live python programming sessions with hands-on practice, live traditional painting sessions and digital art sessions, live photography sessions live and live guitar sessions, it offers world-class mentorship and premium live content from industry professionals.

Tutology is an ed-tech start-up located in Assam, India with a mission to revolutionize online education. It was founded with the mission to reach every child from every corner and provide them with the best possible online education to improve their skills and change and improve the online education system step by step. every day by exploring the inner capacities of each child. and help them realize their dreams and needs.

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Sam D. Gomez