U.S. Department of Education Seeks Public Comment on Title IX Regulations

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Fifty years ago, Title IX was enacted to ensure that no one in education was discriminated against on the basis of sex. The United States Department of Education is seeking public comment on proposed changes to Title IX regulations. The department is considering amending Title IX to fill gaps in the current regulations.

“Title IX is, in fact, one of the ways we ensure that students have access to what they feel welcome throughout their educational experience with us,” said Dr. Joan Barrett , vice-chancellor of student affairs at the Ozarks Technical Community College. “It’s not a place where they have to fight to avoid discrimination.”

Some of the changes include

  • Do not require a live hearing to assess evidence if a private investigation can take place.
  • Anyone involved in resolving a complaint under Title Nine must not have a conflict of interest or bias for or against the parties involved.
  • Strengthen requirements for schools to provide accommodations for pregnant students and parents.
  • Require schools to provide supports to students and employees who have complained or been accused of sexual harassment.
  • Develop a parent’s right to act on behalf of a minor when seeking help with title nine.

Title IX establishes regulations for any institution that receives federal funding must deal with student or employee complaints of discrimination and harassment.

“If a student comes forward and lets us know that they are concerned that they have been harassed or discriminated against because of their gender, we have a process in which we will speak with the student and ask them probing questions to determine whether, in fact, this elevates to the level of a Title IX violation,” Dr. Barrett said. “Our job is to let students know that this is a welcoming place for them. paramount to achieving their educational goals and that if they have a complaint, where exactly they can take that complaint and how exactly we will respond.

Another proposed change includes protecting students from sexual orientation or discrimination based on gender identity. The new rule would make preventing someone from the LGBTQ community from participating in school activities and programs a violation of Title IX. The Department of Education plans to issue a separate notice on how the regulations will apply to athletics after determining students’ eligibility to play on men’s or women’s teams.

Title IX aims to provide all students with a positive learning environment without fear of discrimination.

“Title IX is important because as society has adapted, we still need certain safeguards, which is to check ourselves and our processes to make sure they are do not discriminate against people based on certain classifications,” Dr. Barett said.

Public comments are not yet open, but will be available soon. Once it’s open, you can go to www.regulations.gov to submit your thoughts.

For the full proposed amendments, click HERE.

For a fact sheet summarizing the proposal, CLICK HERE.

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