What are the government policies and initiatives for data science education?

by Analytics Insight

February 27, 2022

Currently, with the progress of the IT sector in India, the government is taking several initiatives for the education of data science

The Indian government has been very active in taking initiatives to improve big data education among Indian youth and tech professionals. Currently, big data is playing a crucial role in steering organizations towards a more technology-driven future. Data analytics includes a wide variety of technology branches with challenges in database management, database warehousing, and data mining research. Currently, with the advancement of the IT sector in India, the government is taking several initiatives to bridge the skills gap in the country and build a bright future for the tech enthusiasts in the country. In the recent Union Budget 2022, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman highlighted taking various initiatives this year in 2022 to focus on the digital education of children. The PM e-VIDYA initiative proposes to launch a digital university so that education never stops for Indian students.

In recent years, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Big Data Initiatives Division has launched a program of big data initiatives, under which financial assistance will be provided to support research and development of big data. across India. Financial assistance was also provided to support and establish the Center of Excellence in Big Data Analytics, Predictive Technologies, Cybersecurity, etc. Additionally, the program also supports national level conferences/workshops/seminars/brainstorming sessions and other initiatives to financially support internal programs for faculty and UG/PG/PhD students. The program focuses on improving the 5V i.e. the volume, speed, variety, value and veracity of Big Data education among Indian students.

In 2016, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India launched the Center for Data Management and Analytics (CDMA) to synthesize and integrate relevant data for the audit process.

There are many such initiatives that prove that India is one of the leading countries that understand the current status of the industry in terms of market size and different players, opportunities and other factors. to launch successful programs and help students excel in their big data. careers.

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